Emad in captivity

by Fred

Another day, another slew of outrageous “judicial judgments” handed down by folks running IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

It seems the weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists who are hell-bent on “managing the world”, are trying hard to prepare the world for their style of barbaric justice.

The latest example is the case of a young political activist, Emad Behavar, who is the head of the Youth Branch of Freedom Movement of Iran, an Islamist organization.

An Islamist Rapist  “court” just sentenced him to ten years of incarceration to be followed by ten years of banishment from taking part in any political or media activity which includes the “cyberspace”, i.e. internet.

The only salvation for the sane world and the Iranian people is in airtight sanctions which include the ban on buying blood oil and gas. While their tyrants are starved of financial means which they use to oppress them, the fed up enslaved Iranian people need to be helped materially to overthrow theirs and the sane world's nemesis.  



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badge of honor from massoudA


from a war supporting anti-Iranian I see it as a badge of honor from you.


And don't confuse me with Sargord. He sympathizes with the regime. I dont. 



by masoudA on

Musir & sargord as first customers in Fred's posts again?!!! As if they have been ordered....
this is becoming quiet funny.
BTW - Musir and Sargord - I do not read a single thing you post in Fred's blogs. FYI
Keep up the good work Fred.


exploiting human rights for political agenda


still doing it neocon war advocate fred. instead of using the same tired propaganda line by neocons on how "airtight sanctions" is the only fix for iran (which is clearly not), you would be better off recommending people contact human rights groups, iranian embassies around the world, bombarding them with your concerns and calls letting them know people do care about Emad's of Iran. 


But no, like a good neocon war advocate that you are, you are exploiting these issues for your neocon war advocating ways. 

Sargord Pirouz

"Fred" Alpha team is all that's left to this propaganda effort

by Sargord Pirouz on

One down, one to go.....