Emergency detour to Iran

by Fred

Everyday that passes without a resolution to the problem named IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, it is a day closer to that which a lot of people claim they are against but knowingly or not are contributing to its coming about.

IRR’s crimes against humanity, international terrorism, opposition to an equitable peace in the ME and illegal nuke program(s) to just name a few are established facts. And to advocate their resolution is within IRR, or try to deny them, as some do, is the truest definition of exercise in futility.

No two ways about it, IRR is a humongous malignant festering boil which has to be excised or it will only get worse, spread and cause further damage.

The over two decades of “reform” movement followed by the “grand bargain” mirage followed by the hardcore Islamist stage-managed “Green Movement” were all dismal flops.

Now the sane world is facing a belligerent messianic Islamist regime on an all out “dash” to acquire nuke openly and succinctly saying its destiny and mission is to “manage the world”.

To avoid catastrophe, by process of elimination all that is left to be tried is regime change by Iranians for Iran and Iranians.

Weak sanctions are not enough. Before it is too late and the departing forces from Iraq will have to make an emergency detour, Democracy Central, DC, has to publicly back the fed up Iranians with material help needed to overthrow their Islamist tyrants. Wake up!


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by Fred on

Notwithstanding what Biden just said about IRR’s failure to derail the political process in Iraq, I am of the opinion that as long as Islamists rule Iran, there will be no democracy or extended period of civility as opposed to the current savagery taking roots in Iraq or for that matter Afghanistan.

Most of Iran’s neighbors, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the little and midsize sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf are all relatively new entities with few only in their fifth or sixth decade of existence. Historically Iran has been the cultural beacon and the channel for introduction of new ideas to the region.

As to answer your hypothetical what if Iraq becomes a secular democracy question, the sure answer is I don’t know.

What I believe is that thanks to Islamists’ innate barbarity, secularism has gained a firm footing in Iran. So if and when Iraq becomes a secular democracy my guess is it would only add to Iranians’ frustration for not having that which they have been aware of for a long time, want and deserve.



by LoverOfLiberty on

A friend of mine brought up an interesting and, perhaps, sometimes overlooked question the other day.

He asked, "What sort of impact do we believe a secular democracy on Iran's doorstep, that being Iraq, will have on the people of Iran?"

Of course, this question depends upon the ability of Iraq to promote and establish that secular democracy.

But, assuming Iraq can and does establish a lasting secular democracy, what influence will that have on the people of Iran?

(I think the supposed neo-cons of the US had always intended for the "Persian Curtain" for the emerging cold war between Iran and the West/Arab states to exist along the border between Iraq and Iran.)

So, I am curious to hear what you, or anyone else for that matter, have to say about this potential scenario.