The end of innocence


by Fred

When the Nazis’ vast system of concentration camps, the ones located on German soil, were liberated by the Allied forces, many of the German residents of the nearby towns and cities were forced to take a tour of their Third Reich’s handiwork.

The easily available newsreels of some of these proper German citizens who had bought into the moral superiority of the Nazi cult or were at least blind to its not too hidden dark side tells of the utter disbelief on their faces.

The exact number of those who after the tour went back to their nice and tidy homes and committed suicide is not known but some did and there are historical documents to that effect.  

Back then the Nazis had the monopoly on, by today’s standards, limited mass media outlets. The citizen and for that matter the world knew what the Nazis wanted them to know and nothing more. So it is perfectly understandable or at least plausible to think that if not all, at least the overwhelming majority of German citizens were unaware of what horrendous deeds their government was committing in their name.  

Although no comparison is intended as far as the numbers of victims or scale of  particular savagery, in as far as the absolute disregard for human beings are concerned the general comparability of brutality and bestiality of the Nazis and the Islamists ruling over Iran is very much intended.

And thanks to modern technology the video images of rooftop sharpshooters of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, randomly picking off peaceful demonstrators have been viewed by a good portion of people around the globe. The videoed testimonies of the IRR rape victims have also been widely disseminated. So have the images of mass burial sites and midnight unmarked burial of frozen bodies of the victims of the IRR brutality.

The upshot of it is there is no plausible deniability for the outright Islamist supporters and the ones with sympathetic tendencies for the IRR to hide behind. It is the end of innocence.


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