The end of Rapistocracy

by Fred

As confronting IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic over its illegal weaponized nuke program is inching its way to the top of to do list; the options have essentially stayed the same as in the past years.

One, to do Iraq/Afghanistan on IRR and two, try to pull a South Africa on the Islamist Rapists.

Contrary to popular opinion the sane world is more than equipped to evict IRR with boots on the ground and all and need be will do just that.

To avoid the war scenario all other alternatives including diplomacy and robust application of nonmilitary pressures must be exhausted.

Every conceivable alternative including many years of diplomacy have been tried to no avail. The repeated earnest attempts at reforming the unreformable Islamist Rapists have been utter failures too. It leaves only the implementation of airtight sanctions as the next to last resort before the stealth bombers are fueled up and Marines board the transport ships.  

Should China and Russia continue to side with the Islamist Rapists; their Anti-Iranians policy will only strengthen the hand and standing of the sane world with the people of Iran.

In conjunction with a general amnesty for IRR functionaries the goal of sanctions should be to force the Islamist Rapists to accept an internationally administered referendum on the form of governance desired by the Iranian people.

Only the end of the thirty one years of weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapistocracy with ambitions to rule the world would permit peace and security in the vital Middle East region. The only option left is regime change.


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Fred sounds like tormented ghost of Father Geoghan!

by Jaleho on

 Fred jan, they captured Jeoseph Druce. Rest in Peace!

Father Geoghan from wiki: 

Sex Abuse

Over a 30-year career in six parishes, Geoghan was accused of sexual abuse involving more than 130 children.[2] Charges were brought in in Cambridge, Massachusetts concerning accusations of molestation that took place in 1991. Geoghan was defrocked in 1998. He was found guilty in January 2002 of indecent assault and battery for grabbing the buttocks of a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool at the Waltham Boys and Girls Club in 1991, and was sentenced to nine to ten years in prison.

After initially agreeing to, and pulling out of, a $30 million settlement with 86 of Geoghan's victims, the Boston archdiocese settled for $10 million and is still negotiating with other victims. The most recent settlement proposed is $65 million for 542 victims. The settlements are being made because of evidence that the archdiocese had transferred Geoghan from parish to parish despite warnings of his behavior. As a result of allegations against Geoghan, evidence arose that the archdiocese displayed a pattern of shipping other priests to new parishes when allegations of sexual abuse were made.

Two other cases were charged against Geoghan in Boston's Suffolk County. One case was dropped without prejudice when the victim decided not to testify. In the second case, two rape charges were dismissed by a judge after hotly contested arguments because the statute of limitations had run out. The Commonwealth's appeal of that ruling was active at the time of Geoghan's death, and remaining charges of indecent assault in that case were still pending at that time.

[edit] Murder of Geoghan

On August 23, 2003, while in protective custody at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, Geoghan was strangled and stomped to death in his cell by Joseph Druce, a self-described white supremacist and inmate serving a sentence of life without possibility of parole for killing a man who allegedly made a sexual pass after picking Druce up hitchhiking. An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be "ligature strangulation and blunt chest trauma." There have been questions raised about the wisdom and propriety of placing these two men in the same unit, since prison officials had been warned by another inmate that Druce had something planned.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Fred we are easy targets. Go look at the pictures. Talk to them.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Those are real Iranians in Iran. I think you should tell them your BS and maybe go to the Ski Slopes yourself to preach your bull sh. I'm sure Iranians would flock to you. Or you can keep publishing these dinky blogs asking for the sane world, where Congressmen grope their underlings and then blame bomb, rape, destroy, sanction, maim, slander, dehumanize Iranians while boosting the Israeli profile. 

Anyway Professor Fred, I will call my congressman

"Hello, I'm calling to tell Senator So and So Do-Nothing to break from lunch and Fox News Appearances to vote YES on bombing, sanctioning, starving, and punishing Iranians for their democratic movement. They are too god damn slow, so let's show them what sanity is! In the name of Fred, Amen.

P.S. just because America is in a lot of sh*t, it doesn't mean we should stop getting involved in foreign adventures that are costly and stupid. this is our time to shine and show how amazing this American foreign policy really is!" 


Doing a fine job

by Fred on

The usual clueless crowd with typical loutish Islamist jargons is in. Two more would make it an even half dozen clueless.  Doing a fine job, keep it up!


airtight sanction iran for israel! because it feels right!


and when it doesnt work - which it wont - we'll just bomb iran for israel!



by vildemose on


Fathollah-Nejad: "Why 'Smart Sanctions' on Iran are Actually Stupid



*Ali Fathollah-Nejad is a German–Iranian political scientist; Ph.D. researcher in International Relations at the universities of Münster (Germany) and London (School of Oriental and African Studies); currently a Visiting Lecturer in globalization and development at the University of Westminster, London; author of The Iran Conflict and the Obama Administration: Old Wine in New Skins? (in German, Potsdam University Press, 2010); homepage:


A bunch of "sher o ver", one can U expect from a liar & traitor

by Bavafa on


P.S. Your beloved Ezrali has been in the news quite a bit lately.  Why don't you go and get your own house in order first.  Isn't this being a case of "akhond mano pand meedad, khodesh meeraf koon meedad"

Mardom Mazloom

Mein Früd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

If someone wants to know the difference between Gooz and Shaguigueh (s)he might not read your daily tight-tight blogs.

As an example of your two latest blogs:

(1) Radan is a criminal => the sane world must act, put air tight sanctions on Iran!

(2) There is a part of Israelis in each Iranan => the sane world must act, put air tight sanctions on Iran !!

It is to be asked that in real-life if you are really like what you show here ? Example your wife asks

> Honey, do you want some ketchup in your chich-kebab

Mein-Früd> No, I don't like ketchup, but put some air tight sanctions on Iran because time is up.



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

An idea for Fred for tikkun of dumb iranians

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Your blog makes no sense as usual, but I offer you an idea: 

How about airtight sanctions on skiing? How about these dumb Iranians stop playing around and do some protesting? Or maybe they are just waiting for the "insane" USA to stop eating McDonalds and killing Iraqi and Afghans and come do it in Iran? 

Iran needs to become a Bangladesh type place before any of your dreams will come true, Fred. I warn you, before you look at these pictures, you might go blind from seeing Iranians enjoying themselves.