The epic struggle


by Fred

What a difference few million brave souls make.

It wasn’t that long ago many were giddy with the thought of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic emerging as “the region’s superpower”. The excitement was so infectious some who are normally above this sort of childish thinking had started to contemplate it seriously resulting in more than few scholarly articles in reputable periodicals and number of books.

The premise was simple, given IRR is in full control of domestic situation with no formidable opposition on the horizon, given the regime is unified and given that the sane world is too busy with other entanglements--there is virtually nothing to stop the Islamist Rapists from their almost achieved ambition of becoming the region’s superpower.

It was said the problems in the Middle East emanates from the old arrangements whereas with emergence of independently powerful IRR the dynamics of strategic calculations have changed requiring new realities to be taken into account. Of course the farce was presented with a lot more elaboration and historical citation, but the basic nuts and bolts of it is as stated.

Well, as it turns out if you don’t have the people, you got nothing. The Islamist Rapists do not have the domestic situation under control and for all intents and purposes their conventional forces are equipped with armaments more suited for museums than the cutting edge modern battles. Their strategic deterrence as of now consists of inaccurate nonnuclear tipped long range missiles which have no strategic value except as terror weapon.

But should the Islamist Rapist succeed in their drive to acquire nuke capability Islamists everywhere can bank on the changing of situation to their liking.  With that happening, Iranians will be forced to flash freeze their dream of emancipation from Islamists’ daily terror to be thawed by future generations.

What is at stake in Iran is much more than fate of an enslaved nation, the entire region and beyond will be directly impacted for the better should Iranians win or for much worse than it already is should Islamist Rapists get to have nuke.

It would be an incredibly wise investment on the part of the sane world to throw their weight behind the brave democracy wanting Iranians for their loss in their epic fight will be felt by all for many years to come.


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