Episode 4

by Fred

Just when one thinks the cutthroat rapists running the IRR, Islamist Rapist Republic, can’t sink any lower, they trump that bleak assessment with yet new depth of depravity.

The fourth in the series of show trials has been held in the IRR. By now the plot is known, therefore the ending. After the “prosecutor” reads aloud the plot/indictment, the accused looking a shadow of themselves prior to the Evin diet regimen go to the podium and voilà, they wholeheartedly agree with all that they are charged with. Some even go further and by accusing/incriminating others who presumably will be detained soon become  prosecutor's little helpers.

So there was nothing new in this last show except a new legal precedent-setting twist. Saeed Hajarian, the nearest thing the “reformist” faction ever had to “the architect”, a survivor of an assassination attempt which has severely limited his speech and motor skills had his defense read out not by his attorney who was present but by a codefendant.

All the legal scholars the world over, eat your heart out!


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  Pictures from the

by vildemose on


Pictures from the Fourth Session of Stalinist Trials in Iran



This is a militarized

by vildemose on

This is a militarized political insanity This is  the logical extension of horrific khomeinist vision for Iran, namely, what he explained in his only book, "the Islamic Rule".