Ericsson hunting down Iranians

by Fred

In the wake of the bloody post 2009 “election” crackdown in Iran, the role of cell-phone eavesdropping and tracking technology in hunting down dissidents by the regime came to light.

It was revealed Nokia-Siemens along with Ericsson had supplied the technology, which the Islamists used to arrest and torture countless number of Iranians.

Later the names of other suppliers of the deadly technology were revealed, among them, Creativity Software in Britain, Adaptive Mobile Security in Ireland and Huawei Technologies in China.

Eventually the companies, that are accessory to the heinous crimes committed by the use of their monitoring and tracking technology, announced they will cease provide snooping software and will not expand operation.

Yesterday Reuters reported:

“The Swedish firm Ericsson is working with Iran's largest mobile telecom operator to expand its network and has promised to support another Iranian mobile carrier until 2021, according to interviews and an internal company document.

While Ericsson argues in the internal document that telecommunications are a "basic humanitarian service," Iranian human rights groups say Iran's regime has used the country's mobile-phone networks to track and monitor dissidents.”

The amoral Ericsson executives and shareholders who keep silent should be ashamed of themselves.


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I agree with you somewhat, however did you know that these

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

sensitive technologies like what was urgently sent to Iran by creativity software to track people 1 by one to within a few inches, and identify which ones were the activists/organizers that were a threat to the regime,in all cases needed to get approval from the uk foreign office to export such sensitive cutting edge equiptment. So they are all approved at the highest levels, because they love the IRI and want to keep the suppression and the torture and corruption in Iran to keep on going.

So When you say.... The amoral Ericsson executives and shareholders who keep silent should be ashamed of themselves.

I would Add the people of the UK, the USA, Germany and France who allow their media to lie to them about the late shah of Iran, to implement the policies of their politicians to destroy Iran, by betraying the shah and installing Khomeini and have done everything in the power and at their finger tips to give love to extremist islam like the IRI and seek to keep them in power as long as possible. The people and governemnts should all be ashamed as well. 

Creativity, erickson, nokia and others are only going to work within the regulations provided to them and when the Official Mission set by governemtn is to install and keep extremists in power in Iran and thwart the peace, progress and human rights of Iranians, by misrepresenting  the late shah and using his own people to help remove the shah and his team, what else can you expect.  33 years on and the actual politics has not changed, the west still loves IRI, as for Israel, the west doesn't give a damn about them and never did, their only reason to exist is to meet the needs of the west. 


Should we write their CEOs

by firstdayofmylife on

Should we write their CEOs and ask them to stop being accomplices in the IRI's crimes against humanity activities? How about a petition?

This is the code of business ethics://



Morality of Swedish meatballs!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Maybe something in that meatball they get fed with which makes them  put profit ahead of human decency, by selling telecommunications equipment to or Lobbying for the currupt, murdering, Terrorist Islamist regime of Iran.

Azadeh Azad

Shame on the Swedish Telecommunications Companies

by Azadeh Azad on

If other European companies at least sometimes acknowledged that selling different new tracking technologies to the Islamic Republic is shameful, by temporarily withdrawing their sales or denying that, the Swedish companies have been, from day one, the ardent provider number One in selling to the rulers of Iran all kinds of technologies that only serves the interests of the ruing fascists. Denouncing the Swedish firm Ericsson and the likes need to be included in any Human Rights posters and manifestation, as there is a direct link between The Ecrissson and the Evin!

Thanks Fred for keeping us informed.