F-22 sorties over Iran


by Fred

The Islamist regime in Iran executes more people per capita than any other country, one execution about every 4 hours, 24/7. It is the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism, and is developing illegal weaponized nuke.

Iveco, a subsidiary of the Italian Fiat auto manufacturer continues to sell and distribute trucks in Iran that are used by the regime for public executions.



Three corrections need to be made to the above blog entry which was posted on January 13th of this year.

1-Reportedly, instead of one every 4 hours, the messianic Islamists are now murdering one human being every 3 hours, 24/7.

2- After public pressure brought on by UANI, Fiat has halted Iveco sales.

3-The mounting new hard evidence makes it almost impossible to call the Islamists' nuke program anything but nuke bomb making.

The facts about the vile and unreformable nature of the warmongering messianic Islamist regime in Iran are undeniable.

Before they impose another war on all, before getting to the point of having to lob waves of cruise missiles, relentless B2s and F22s sorties, there is still a window of opportunity to avoid the madness.

The sane world has to impose airtight sanctions including air/naval cargo inspection. It MUST logistically help the beleaguered Iranians, which includes strike funds for workers in key sectors, making the overthrow of the warmongering messianic Islamists, “reformist” and all possible.


Much, much faster please!


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