Face time with Yanks


by Fred

In four days President Obama is going to honor his campaign promise and have a high level U.S. official meet face to face with the representatives of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

As it stands the agenda for the IRR is everything which includes the world’s economic policies, air pollution and many other highly important subjects but the only restricted area where the IRR has specifically singled out as will not be discussed is its nuke program and its UN Security Council file.

The Americans on the other hand insist that IRR’s nuclear file and specifically its direct contravention of UNSC resolutions to freeze its illegal dual pourpose processing of nuke is on top of the agenda.

Now if one were to label the talk as talking past one another in a talk, that person would not be that far off the mark.

While the Americans will be talking about the newly revealed nuke site on top of other IRR nefarious nuke activities, the Islamist rapists will be talking greenhouse effect and the benefits of including pistachio in daily diet.

While the Islamists rapists try to teach the Capitalist Yanks a thing or two on how to be a capitalist and how best to run their free marker based economy, the Americans will be talking spinning centrifuges.

While the Islamist brutes will be patiently lecturing the five plus one representatives on how best to have an interconnected economy, the Americans will be talking IRR laptop containing nuke warhead design specs.

While the Islamist tyrants will be teaching the assembled how to conduct a fair election, the Americans will be talking about the heavy-water complex at Arak.

While the Islamist cutthroats will be lecturing the Germans about the poor Egyptian woman being murdered in a German courtroom by a deranged racist, the Americans will be talking about the regional nuke arm race and IRR’s role in instigating it.

All in all it is shaping up to be a very fruitful exercise in futility, but hey they are talking and them centrifuges are spinning.  


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"a very fruitful exercise in futility"

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