by Fred

On the face of it the news of a nuclear fusion reactor being built could be celebrated as another scientific/technological barrier having been broken by man’s ingenuity. But the fact that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is the one claiming to be doing it is cause for concern in number of ways.

1-according to published reports by IRR’s own tightly leashed newspapers, having fake degrees and scientific illiteracy all of the rage among the Islamists and their associates, therefore, chances of a faker nuke scientist playing with nuclear fusion cannot be discounted at all.

2-Iran under the management of IRR has not built the needed infrastructure or manufacturing capabilities required for taking on such endeavored. Therefore, chances of this nuclear fusion being another cover for weaponized nuke activity cannot be discounted at all.

3-Given the above two, the question of safety and the possibility of out of control nuclear chain reaction cannot be discounted at all.

Nuke in the hands of non—messianic Islamists has many legitimate peaceful uses, but legitimacy of them Islamist Rapists in anything legitimate is a nonstarter.




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