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With the Islamist regime showing its true colors to the world in hundreds upon hundreds of video clips, something that the enslaved Iranians know only too well, it is now up to the free world to show its true colors.

Is the undisputed guarantor of world’s freedom, America, going to turn her back on the so many peaceful Democracy starved Iranian demonstrators and cut a deal with the Islamist cutthroats?

How many more dead peaceful Iranian demonstrators does it take to make the morally and strategically justified choice of openly siding with the people?

How many more broken bones, kicked in teethes, split open skulls does it take to finally do the right thing?

In his latest statement President Obama in part said:  “"stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people" and "to understand that the world is watching."

 Mr. President it works both ways, the world is also watching you, when are you going to stop issuing tepid statements and get off the fence?  Do we really have to wait for another Rwanda?


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It is local, local and local

by Fred on

Iran’s solution is local, any, that is ANY foreign intervention only goes to help the ruling Islamists. What a number of others have been advocating for the longest time is to help Iranians by not helping the Islamist regime. To make it short, airtight sanctions are the best noninvasive way West can help Iranians. For starters U.S. has a big sway over the two companies that provide around 40% of Iran’s gasoline, the stoppage of that delivery will have a devastating effect on the IRI.

If there is any doubt about the merits of this method, one has only look for common denominator among all the lobbies and individuals known for their slant toward the Islamist cutthroats’ republic. They all call for the removal of the joke of a sanction and advocate a more robust economic relationship with the IRI.

Islamist cutthroats’ republic is way past its ideological heyday phase when its devotees would eagerly do anything as asked. Now its devotees are more of the kind that they would do as asked for earthly remunerations. Putting the squeeze on the source of that which pays for their enforcers is equivalent to empowering the people. The little helpers of the Islamist cutthroats’ republic always say the people will suffer and not the regime, a fallacy that has been debunked by many past examples, one being S. Africa.

The alternative is exactly that the lobbies say they are hard at work to avoid and by what they do in actuality are helping to come to be.  If the Iranian people are not helped to do the job then the next option will be the one that no sane person would want it ever to come to realization.  Your husband sounds as frustrated and disgusted with the ruling cutthroat Islamists as most of us are, but frustration colors the judgment, and now is no time for that.  The situation is not hopeless, Iran’s long history is full of dark chapters that through people’s steadfastness has been defeated these Islamist cutthroats too shall be and very soon. Till another time and place.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

I agree... this conversation is about Iran.  But I WAS wondering when they would show up with their anti-Israel chant.  Oh well.

Anyhoo.  I was thinking about this some more.  And I didn't get a real feel for exactly what it is you would like Obama to do.  So I'd like to discuss that in particular.  It's easy to say "do something".... but what?  Are you wanting military intervention?  Surgical strikes?  Something a little less invasive?  But what exactly?  I might feel differently if I heard something that made sense and that the american people would buy.  It's funny but the husband has said what Fozolie is saying MANY times.  And way before this. 


Each to their own

by Fred on

Of course Palestinians must care for their Palestinian compatriots; more power to them including this chap with Persian sounding name.
God knows Iranians have been forced to go without to feed, educate, arm and the rest that his people enjoy. This conversation is about Iranians and what the Islamist cutthroats are doing to them. Each to their own.


I read those sings and not one said...

by Bavafa on

"America.. Obama please help us,,, please bomb us" as some warmonger in US advocate.

But if you do listen to the students and the people in Iran, Unanimously they say this is a struggle for the Iranian people and they ask foreigners to stay out.

Any sane person knows that any meddling by foreigners governments specially US and UK will be used strongly against the movement and the people as they have already tried to make it a CIA back operation.

Now, I recall many Palestinians explicitly ask for help from US and other governments but specially US, against the brutal and savage attach by fascist Israelis… and don't remember US rushing to their help, nor heard any plea on your side (Fred) to want to help them. Now that is called hypocrisy.



Time will tell

by Fred on

There was no arguing, at least not on my part, expression of opinion yes, argument no.

As for looking out for America’s interest, I’m of the opinion that the strategic Interests of America correlates with those of Iran and Israel. There are those whose inculcated prejudices prevent them from seeing it and on the other hand there are others who see it clearly. In that regard what is good for America is good for Islamist cutthroats-less Iran and vice versa.  Time will tell, and no one is wanting a war, help yes war no way. To prevent help from getting to Iranians the regime lobbies want people to believe helping Iranians = war and that is just not so. 

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

we can argue this till the cows come home.  not everyone is going to agree on this and i certainly respect your opinion but i think obama is doing exactly the right thing.  the best interests of the US and the american people are his priority concern, harsh as that might sound to you.  and we don't want another war.  i'd be the first to support iran but not under these conditions.  i just don't see any evidence that the people... the protestors IN iran are expecting intervention from the US.  and what the people outside of Iran want is pretty much irrelevant as seen by the varied and polar opposite opinions expressed on iranian.com.  what i'm going to resent is a base blame claim against obama for doing ONLY what the majority of iranians have been saying they want all along... to be left alone and let them handle their affairs themselves.

and as far as what the oh supreme leader says... i couldn't care less.  most people in the US don't put much stock in his words anyway.  it isn't going to hurt our feelings whatever he says about obama.  :-)


No officials yet

by Fred on

anonymouse fish says:

"Maybe that is a plea for help to some.  But an official request?  Not hardly.  Who is the leader of the opposition?  THAT is who would be doing any negotiation"

 Official request?, the oppressed have to overcome the tyranny to make an "official request" till then the only officials are the Islamist cutthroats.

Same sort of arguments were made all through Rawandan tragedy, the calls for help were not offiacial.  

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

I said it elsewhere myself... that France helped us in our War of Independence.  I understand what you're saying.  And I'd be in support of the US helping Iranians.  I simply do not see that that request has been made.  By whom?  Just because some slogans are in English?  I see that as wanting the world to see whats going on and to be aware.  Maybe that is a plea for help to some.  But an official request?  Not hardly.  Who is the leader of the opposition?  THAT is who would be doing any negotiations. 


But they are

by Fred on

anonymous fish says'If and when the people OF Iran need our help, I'm sure they'll ask for it."

 As an American you should know more than anyone else that to overcome tyranny the oppressed need help. If it weren’t for the France’s moral and material support, we would most probably be still celebrating the King, now Queen’s birthday rather than the upcoming 4tn of July.

As for Iranians inside asking for help, they have been and are asking for it. What do you think all the signs in English that they carry inside Iran are all about?  There are streams of text messages and calls to mass media outlets in the free world asking for help now. 

It is for nothing that all the lobbies are for no help to be extended to the oppressed Iranians.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

Obama has already verbally sided with the protestors... loudly.  There is absolutely no benefit to the US getting directly involved at this point.  As an American, I'm opposed to getting involved.  Of course I'd love to wave a magic wand and make it all better for Iranians, but that isn't how it works.  This is an INTERNAL struggle for the people.  It's partly defensive of course.  I'm tired of being accused of being the imperialist western thug.  Big time.  If and when the people OF Iran need our help, I'm sure they'll ask for it. 

Jahanshah Rashidian

Oil Weapon

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Gasoline runs the survival blood in the veins of Mullahs. If the international community and human rights organisation seriously focus on its import from Indai, it may be prevnted.


One more reason

by Fred on

Ali says: “He’s already being accused of “meddling” ..”

That is just one more reason why U.S. has to openly side with the peaceful demonstrators who are being savagely attacked by the Islamist cutthroats.
As usual America is being scapegoated; the Islamist Supreme Leader openly puts words in American President’s mouth.

America might as well do what she does best, helping Democracy starved people achieve their goal.

Start  with stopping  fuel delivery that Islamist cutthroats's machinery of murder runs on.


very disturbing.

by ko (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad/Mesbah Yazdi/Mojtaba Khamenie Coup to have an Islamic government without the Republic.


Please spread the news.

Ali P.

He's already being accused of 'meddling'

by Ali P. on

روي خط آفتاب   

2050- مي‌خواستم بگويم جوان زير 30 سال ميآيد در برنامه 20:30 تلويزيون و چشم در چشم ميليون‌ها نفر مخاطب كه يكي از آنها اين بنده 73 ساله هستم و مي‌گويد كه اوباما رئيس‌جمهور آمريكا تخريب اموال عمومي در ايران را اوج دموكراسي خواند و بعد تصوير اوباما با اظهاراتش را پخش مي‌كند كه مطلقا چنين حرفي از دهانش خارج نشده است، چرا يك نفر دلش براي اطلاع رساني صحيح نمي‌سوزد و يك تذكر كوتاه به اين سازمان پرهزينه صدا و سيما نمي‌دهد؟ (26/3)

آفتاب يزد: كاملا‌ با شما موافقيم كه بدون تحريف سخنان اوباما هم مي‌توان اظهارات مداخله‌ جويانه او را محكوم كرد.


(Source: Phone messages to the reformist newspaper,AftbYazd)


Blame That Imbicile Bush

by fozolie on

He went for the wrong target using the wrong means thereby made sure the Islamic Regime in Iran certain that they can get away with murder.

Mr. Fozolie