The final curtain call

by Fred

Observing the domino uprisings taking place in the historically much oppressed Middle East and North Africa; one cannot notice the absence of a long cherished tradition.

From Tunisia in North Africa, to Persian Gulf fiefdom of Bahrain, all the ruckus is about bread and butter issues and lack of a say in the running of governments. In other word, it is not about the anti-Imperialism slogans of the yesteryears or chanting pro slogans for Islamism or any other defunct -ism, it is all about freedom and demanding basic human rights.  

This is not to say the usual Islamists/anti-Semites and their lap poodles of lefty allies have disappeared from the scene. Just look at the Iranian front, far from it, they are at it full force for they know it is their final curtain call.  However, from the looks of it, their audience is dwindling by the day.  

Realizing many other ills, within and without, can be tackled with freedom, instead of lining up behind the oppressors at home to destroy the real or imaginary outside enemy, people are willing to sacrifice all to achieve freedom from the enemy at home.  

Country after country, people are keeping their eyes on the prize, emancipation and freedom. That is the best news coming out of all this tectonic movement in perception, attitude and goals.  


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G. Rahmanian

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by G. Rahmanian on

Coming, Soon? That's what Ahmadinejad is saying, too!


The Beginning Stage

by Demo on

'Country after country, people are keeping their eyes on the prize, emancipation and freedom.' People are no longer being fooled by such "sane world's methods of mass deceptions". Their intifada for the "redistribution of the GOD's created lands/natural resources/commonwealth" are rather just taking place as the preview of the upcoming "just world."