The final inning

by Fred

The deadly game of trying to keep weaponized nuke away from the hands of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is in its final inning.

First it was the Islamist Rapists’ intention that there never was anything wrong with their nearly two decades of full cycle dual purpose illegal nuke program and the world was behind it, any in doubt should ask Russia, China, and others.

It soon became crystal clear that IRR meant to go all the way with the “peaceful “intention for its vast nuke program which did not make any sense. The mere fact that it did not have a single operating nuclear plant and the one being constructed by the Russians did come with needed fuel was the elephant in the room which even the Russians could not ignore.

After so many innings taking many years to play them nowadays both Russia and China are fully onboard with the sane world in opposing the messianic Islamist Rapists’ weaponized nuke drive. All of them just released a joint statement to that effect.

There is still time to avoid the military confrontation IRR is itching to have. Airtight sanctions with the announced aim of helping fed up Iranians to overthrow their Islamist Rapist tyrants alongside material help to them might avoid the need to fulfill IRR’s war desires.




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