The final solution

by Fred

There was a time when for the purposes of regime change in Iran, the mere mention of sanction, airtight or otherwise, was sacrilegious.

Fast forward eight years past the blood-soaked presidency of the “pragmatic” millionaire mullah Rafsanjani, continue with eight additional years of equally bloody suppression under his protégé, the “reform” promising, the de Tocqueville name dropping, Dialogue of Civilization chanting charlatan Khatami.

Don’t stop there; hold the FF button for an additional six years of the unveiled essence of the Islamist rule by the little Islamist thug-President Ahmadinejad.

Now, given the countless raped, stone to death, mutilated and murdered Iranian men, women and children, some of the questions begging for answers are:

Is the ridicules belief in “reformability” of the Islamist murder Inc. finished with?

Barring war which the Islamist Murder Inc. is itching for, what would be a better way than sanctions on oil and gas to bring it to its knees?

For the regime change to become the goal and final solution, what is the threshhold for Iranian victims?


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Tavana on

by iamfine on

I am keep telling Fred sanction is not good for average Iranians who are trying hard to support their family. But Fred keep insisting we should impose sanction on Iran. It is easy for Fred to say "legesh kon"


A Rascal Beggar

by Tavana on

"....the questions begging for answers..." The more sanctions means more of the back markets & more of the blood sucking out of ordinary Iranian people as the same exact happened with Iraqis before the military occupation of their country by the sanctioners. It is quite self comforting for a 'Mischievous Beggar' to type in 'to bring a nation to his knees' thousands of miles away from that nation & with absolutely no concept of 'kneeling' before the imaginary 'sane world' of his. Shame.

Condolences, A Tearful One.