Freedom 1, Islamists 0


by Fred

If you listen carefully to avalanche of tough talks coming out of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, you will hear that sanctions, as spotty as they are, have started to bite.

In a rambling speech the other day The Head Rapist Khamenei said:

“"If the U.S. puts aside threats, sanctions and its superpower display and refuses to set goals for the talks, then there will be a possibility of talks. But under the present conditions and given the threats and pressures, no talks with be held at all,"

IRR officials constantly claim sanctions are not having any effect on them whatsoever. If that is so, then why its lifting is mentioned as one of the preconditions to “possibility of talks “in the future?

There could only be two answers:

1- Sanctions have begun to bite and worry IRR brass.

2-IRR is using sanctions as an excuse among its bag full of excuses to not hold any meaningful negotiations on the three main issues of contention, its illegal nuke, international terrorism and human rights violation.

In both cases increasing and widening the scope of sanctions is the most prudent route to take.

It is also prudent to publicly pledge to the fed up Iranians should they choose to rise up to overthrow their nuke acquiring messianic Islamist tyrants who want to “manage the world”, the sane world would guarantee Iran’s territorial integrity and materially support them in their quest for emancipation.

Before IRR's "dash" to impose war on Iran, Iranians and the entire vital ME region, Democracy Central, DC, has to act. Time is of the essence.   





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sanctions, as spotty as they

by benross on

sanctions, as spotty as they are, have started to bite

Now you are getting somewhere Fred! 


Sargord Pirouz


You too are not helping the iranian democracy cause (if thats what you really believe in, and not a backwarded ideology like velayat faghih). Your leadership in Iran is as bad as the ones who are beating the war drums.


convinient isnt it closet-war advocate Fred?


for you to call me liar but when the moment comes, and you have succeeded in persuading your audience of the inevitability of war and when the US/Israel is indeed at war with Iran you all will justify how it was a righteous move and the regime was solely to blame. I've seen this movie played over and over again. And only naive minds will eat your nonsense like you are some kind of savior of iran.

It is very convenient for you closet-war-mongers to cry wolf and call us liars (plus other cute terms, like islamist, terrorist and so on) but when the time comes you will indeed prove our points. that you are nothing but useful tools of the powerful with geopolitical interests. closet-war-advocates that you are think you have the moral high ground. here is a newsflash, you dont. you and the regime are one!


Sanctions biting?

by yousef on

Yes, it certainly seems to be the case by the hysterical reaction of the islamist regime's agents to your blog Fred. It must be hitting them hard where it hurts most: In their pockets.

Good blog, Thanks.


Sargord Pirouz

Hey Fred, did you see the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey Fred, did you see the Qiam-1 SSM test launch?

You need to change the scoreboard. It should read:

Independent Iran 99, anti-Iran cheerleaders 0 


Take care mien Führer

by Fred on

Before anything mien Führer, this is my last response to your nonsensical sack of Islamist lying comments.

Now, let me see if I understand you correctly. You charge me as being a “warmonger” or your newest charge as of yesterday  “ closet pro-war activist”  and its updated version with the proviso “Even though you don't literally say it “ of today “:

Even though you don't literally say it, you really wouldn't mind if the "democracy central" "liberated" iran.


To prove your baseless charges, in the absence of anything I’ve written, are you now saying you can read my mind?

Or are you saying you have a divine connection to know what I will be thinking in the future?  

And besides being a closeted one yourself how did you become an expert in outing the ones that you claim they are? 

Ps. I’ve recommended picking up blogging to your likeminded rabid Islamists who cannot be accused of possessing a shred of decency or ethical conduct which is emblematic of your Islamist dogma.

Few of your Islamist comrades took the recommendation and if I ‘m not mistaken even thanked me for the suggestion and motivation.

Alas, as seems to be the case with all you rabid Islamists, they soon got into blogging about the virtue of silencing the opposition to your beloved Islamist Rapist Republic.  

If you are passionate about your cause, spend the time, effort, make the necessary sacrifices and write about it, reason why others should consider your point of view.

You obviously have the time; you’re leaving long comments all the time in multiple places.


Take care.



if you talk like a closet-war advoate you are one Fred


Even though you don't literally say it, you really wouldn't mind if the "democracy central" "liberated" iran. you are exactly what subtle propagandist war mongers like Atlantic's Mr. Goldberg are made of. You dont directly say it out of fear that you'd be called a warmonger, but you keep pushing and nudging the audience in that direction with every post you make. Funny also how you keep updating your previous post (as to send it off front page). Why is that I wonder? Do you think you've spammed the front page enough with your reactionary posts? This is all I see when I read your posts: URGENT URGENT ISRAEL IS IN DIRE (MANUFACTURED) THREAT! NEED MORE SANCTIONS! PREFERABLY AIRTIGHT!

so ill say it again because it needs to be said often... because of brutality of the regime and the helping hand from closet pro-war activists like you Fred, the green movement, or any democratic force within iran will have zero chance of succeeding. on the one hand you closet-war activists support every damned aggression against Iran, on the other you cry wolf and say Iran has not been freed yet! well genius,, how do you think it hast? And you cant expect democracies to thrive in Iran overnight. it requires patience, something that you neocons of the closet war-activist type dont have.


FredCo just following directions

by Q on