The French prostitute

by Fred

It is official, according to the state media in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, France's first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, is “a morally corrupt singer and actress” and a homewrecking “prostitute”.   

It is a matter of routine for the Islamist Rapists to label the very dignified Iranian women who on principle defy them as whores; it has been so for over three decades. There are millions upon millions of such proud Iranian whores. Lady Bruni-Sarkozy has officially joined their ranks.

The First Lady got the honorary distinction for the humanity displayed in her open letter in support of Mrs. Sakineh M. Ashtaini. She is the latest Iranian woman who by stoning or using some other equally barbaric Islamist method the savage Islamist Rapists intend to murder.

In the open letter The French “prostitute” wrote:

"How to remain silent after learning of the sentence against you?  

The stoning would deeply wound all women, all children, all those who have feelings of humanity. Deep within your jail cell, know that my husband will plead your cause tirelessly and that France will not abandon you,"  

To combat the scourge of Islamist Rapists, the world needs many more “prostitutes” like Lady Bruni-Sarkozy joining millions of their “prostitute” sisters in Iran.






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Great, so now the French First Lady

by Fair on

is a prostitute because she pleas for the halting of stoning an innocent woman, stoning being one of the most barbaric acts on our planet in this century and day and age.  And this assertion made by none other than Kayhan, an official outlet of this regime at the highest levels.

I suppose insteat of this lady, we are supposed to respect great revolutionaries like Ayatollah Khomeini, who officially states that a woman is worth half a man?  Or Ayatollah Khamenei, who openly declares war on the Iranian people and condemns his opponents to rape, torture, and imprisonment without trial?  Or Doctor Ahmadinejad who calls the people of Iran "dirt and dust"?

Let us indeed thank Allah for blessing us with the great revolution of 1979, which washed away some of the most vile, opportunist, self-centered, and bigoted
elements of the Iranian society. Now the only thing they are reduced to
doing in the remaining short years of their lives, is spending their
time emptying oghdeh on Internet websites and telling tall tales to
their kids about how good they once had it in a distant dreamland that
never was. 

I am so glad that these bigoted and vile elements are gone, and we are now ruled by moral, ethical, enlightened, competent, educated, and respected characters who command respect globally, and create a wonderful reputation for our country everytime they open their mouth. Allah has blessed us with so many fruits in this "great revolution"!

What a pathetic joke.  Today, people in Iran line up to get a visa to Dubai, and are treated like animals in this line.  Dubai was not even a footnote to Iran 30 years ago. 



Dirty Angel

Doctor X, my posts keep being censored by admin

by Dirty Angel on

Just look at the delinquent paragraphing, let alone great biggg chunks of  typing English English missing, .....


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"Drop dead gorgeous inside and out"?

by Iranian123 on


Speaking out against stoning or barbaric practices is commendable but I do not need people to tell me that alone makes someone  "gorgeous" on the inside.


Dirty angel

by Doctor X on

You sound so weird. You must be up to no good. Or you just want attention. Either way, It is kinda crazy.

Dirty Angel

Sean-Smile-A-Lot - YUCK!

by Dirty Angel on

I'm Comrade's Dirty Angel.

Hopefully, he won't see your post or it's off to the  Gulag with you.

What kind of a post was that?

Rea is quite right. And I'd say ,it's Islamists, i.e. Political Islam i.e. e.g. IRI that have got to go.

And Rea, sorry, I don't remember the link, but there was something similar in English on Reuters this morning...


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Mr Bang Bangs

by Rea on

It's not about Muslims, it's about IRI. 

Btw, why not place your family honour on your jewels. Wouldn't go too far, lol.


So, that's how it works ;o)

by Rea on

Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the IRI inner workings.

In fact, I thought Keyahn was finding IRI too soft and was trying to bring them back to their senses. 

Thx Fred, next time I'll know better. 

PS. the link is of no help, am not Iranian. 


Dirty Angel:

by Raoul1955 on

1) I find the screen name a turn on.  DAMN!!!
2) Muslims base a woman's value on how she uses her vagina.  They believe in a 'family honor' thingy that [they believe] resides in vaginas...LOL
Mr. Raoul Bangs :-)


"Lets give them credit"

by Fred on


It appears you are not familiar with Islamist Rapists’ M.O.

The “newspaper” which published this outrage is the mouthpiece of the Head Rapist Khamenei. Anyone he does not like, he lets Keyahn loose on them. The “editor” of that yellow paper is appointed by the Head Rapist and is the one who wrote this outrage in his “Special News” section.

Besides the state media carried similar outrage.

Wouldn’t you agree with state media publishing this outrage and when it hits the fan the state employee in the person of their Foreign Ministry Spokesman distancing themselves from it hardly calls for “lets give them credit”.






Let's give them credit

by Rea on

Ramin Mehmanparast, IRI Foreign Ministry Spokesman:  

"We don't think using indecent and insulting words is a right move," he said when asked to comment on Iranian media reports that described Bruni as an "immoral" woman and a "prostitute".

The same statement has been reported in French papers.  // 

Dirty Angel

Fredsy Freedom-Fighter

by Dirty Angel on

If I'm a prostitute, what are the smelly fuglies? Pedophiles, pimps?

And anyway, why on earth are these smelly fuglies so obsessed with genitalia? It's all so revolting (please choose a stronger word for me).


Right, I'm off to decipher your recommended blog in Persian. That should keep me busy for a while.