Getting stoned on Norooz


by Fred

It is said hope springs eternal. And no better time for a long held hope to come true than on the first day of Spring, which is Norooz, the Persian New Year.

For years and years the common hope and dream for many has been to see the day when  IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, both its “reformers” and their less reformists brethrens, to let go of their innate Islamist barbarism and accept the will of the Iranian people.

So when I read the following official statement emailed to me by a friend who had copied it off the Press TV site, thinking the long held hope had come true, and on Norooz no less,  it felt like getting really stoned, bordering on experiencing rapture.

“Responding to people's legitimate demands will ensure stability and sustainability of governments, whereas cracking down on peaceful protests and seeking to divert public attention and resorting to other unjustified measures will only make the situation worse and cause deeper wounds."

Hallelujah, all the well documented unspeakable suffering of the thousands upon thousands of Iranian men, women and children who have been raped, maimed, stoned and hung by the Islamist Rapists in the past thirty two years has not been in vain.  Praise the Lord; those Islamist Rapists have finally seen the errors of their ways.

Alas, the high was short lived. After crosschecking the statement, it became clear that it was just another typical Islamist--do as I say not as I do--sermon, this time for the benefit of the likewise unelected lifetime ruler of Bahrain.

The only way to salvation is through a simultaneous imposition of airtight sanctions which includes blood oil and gas, and materially helping the Iranian people to overthrow their Islamist Rapist tyrants, “reformers” and all.



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