Goodbye Khalil

by Fred

Another fine Iranian just got what was coming to him.

“Khalil Bahramian has been practising human rights law for more than 40 years. As a lawyer in Iran defending human rights, his job is isolating and dangerous. He has been threatened. He has been arrested. His car was set on fire. But he continues. Bahramian knows it is a high risk position with severe pressures but, he says, ‘[human rights lawyers] should stand with the people and defend citizens’ rights.”

Those who have been following the events in Iran know about the reinvigorated all out assult by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, aginst huma rights activists and those brave lawyers who attemp to defend them in IRR’s Kangaroo courts.

RAHANA, Human Rights House of Iran, reports Mr. Bahramian was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment to be followed by 10 years of banishment, at his age a life sentence,  from practicing his profession, defending Iranian citizens.

Islamist Rapists can rape, maim, imprison, murder and even banish fine Iranians from doing good, however, just like the racist South Africans; Islamist Rapists "reformer" and all are destined to the dustbin of history.     



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We're all outraged by what is happening to Mr Bahranmian.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This yet another Human rights defender being persecuted by the terrorist anti Iranian islamist regime. 

All of us, apart from those who have their hands in the purse of islamist regime and heads firmly embeded in the rear end of the fat hezbullah terrorist gang leader in hiding, Hassan nassrullah!!!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Fortunate Khalil

by Demo on

Another frortunate "Iranian" for having practiced over 40 years; almost the same lenght of time for the Israel decendents' wandering in the desert as a "tiny" part of their ordained sentence by their creator, in his homeland. The same individual's life had long ago had been terminated if he would have had lived in the occupied territories & had defended "Palestinian" citizens by the the foregoing nation of "Israel" through a car bomb, an air raid, or in a prison cell.