The Green jalopy

by Fred

Within the “Green Movement” two distinct shades of Green can be identified.

1- One is the failed lifetime Islamists-come-“reformists” now fronted as the Green Movement personified which like before will be doing its magic within the Constitution of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. Although greatly reduced in numbers, there are still some wishful thinking clueless non-Islamists left in their ranks.    

And just like charlatan Khatami’s time, not to mention all the doting press coverage, the sales force  of repainted Islamist Green jalopy is well financed and blessed by the foreign  propaganda outlets such as BBC, Radio Farda, VOA and Zamaneh.  

2- The other Green is the steadfast oppositions to IRR in its totality which includes Islamist “reformers” with a Green paintjob.  

It remains to be seen if all the money and access being showered on the Islamist Green jalopy sales force will bring their financiers any good return on investment.

For the sake of Iran’s freedom and giving lasting peace in the ME a chance, lets hope these subprime lenders don’t get their money’s worth.  


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