Green stinks to high heaven

by Fred

The more the public faces of the “Green Movement” talk, the even less appealing the whole proposition gets.

From the two terms Prime Minister of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, or the former Speaker of their ersatz Parliament or the former two terms President to lesser Islamist figures like the former Cultural Revolution Commissar and alike all as “Green” as they get say the same thing.

Preservation of the Islamist Rapist Republic in a reincarnated format is their immediate goal with a pie in the sky promise in the way distant future as the bait.

Of course there is no surprise in them lifelong Islamists trying to salvage a miserably failed dogma.  The surprise is in those who try to pretend the “Green Movement” is all inclusive of opposition to IRR and the decidedly Islamist insiders who wish its survival are not its leaders. As much as one would wish for it to be the case, evidence to the contrary is too overwhelming.

Because of the Islamist Rapists’ weaponized nuke, warmongering belligerence and other illegal activities spanning the past three decades, forces capable of inflicting biblical damage on Iran and Iranians are forming.

There is no more time to fool oneself with yet another reformation movement germinating from within the beast a la charlatan Khatami.

It is time for unilateral airtight sanctions by the sane world and empowerment of fed up Iranians to do the heavy lifting of overthrowing the messianic Islamist menaces of all colors and nuances.


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Mardom Mazloom

Mein Fraüd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

The only low voltage fraudulent racist in this site is YOU. You label everybody who disagrees with your fascist views as Islamist/liar/rapist and have the nerve to dispatch lies and hatred twice a day in return.

A.N. having Jews roots is hidden to nobody, here in his shenasnameh it's written "has turned his name from Saborjian to Ahmadinejad" just above his right hand:


The photo was printed in DailyTelegraph and then different newspapers in Israel discussed longly about the matter. You are a fascist like Mahmoud and you both work hard for the progress of Israel, no use to be ashamed of that. Per contra you, both, should be proud to serve your motherland as best as you can.




by Fred on

Low wattage light bulb, it is a hallmark of Anti-Semites to think of whoever they dislike as having Jewish heritage. That is why the Islamist faction which has lost the power struggle in IRR refer to their Islamist brethren who beat them to it as “Mahmoud Saborjian”


To the other commenter talking about irony, during the hysteria over IRR’s indigenous Democracy exact same things were said about detractors of charlatan Khatami. Of course history is the judge of who were right and who were played by IRR, again.   

Mardom Mazloom

Mein Fraüd stinks in low Hell

by Mardom Mazloom on

In baba Mein Fraüd ain't even Iranian to be part of any opposition.

He's  a racist, advancing AIPAC's think tank hatred against  the nation of Iran. One should be a blind fool to believe in his empty eulogies for "Persia" that  he outputs at each time that his hatred is publicly revealed.

The only alternative he knows to remove mullahs from power can be summarized in a kind of fuzzy tight-tight sanctions that he is unable to define and that he keeps on repeating twice a day since last year.

The last thing which comes to the mind of Mein Fraüd is a free Iran, like his other friends who welcomed Mahmoud Saborjian in NY today finding that he's a godsend for Israel:



How Ironic...

by Khar on

that the irrelevant, old and tired "Opposition" abroad is in bed with IRR and united against the Green movement Ironic!