by Fred

When Khomeini the mass murdering founder of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic rattled off the list of what turned out to be what his vision of Islamist governance will deny Iranians but at the time he billed them as inalienable rights of Iranians, water, and free at that was amongst his list of lies.

 the news comes now that Iranians are not paying their astronomically high water bills in such numbers which has prompted the mass murderer’s successor, the Head Rapist Khamenei and number of other Islamist Rapists to issue “fatwa” ordering people to pay their water bills.Should the Iranian people refuse to heed the “fatwa” the alternative for the Islamist Rapists is to go to their roots and use the favorite tactic of Umar ibn Sa'ad and his daddy.

In facing up to the rabid Islamist Rapists who have co compunction in raping, torturing, maiming and murdering Iranian men, women and children, Iranian people are doing more than anyone could expect of them.

Before IRR imposes a devastating war, it is time for the sane world to impose airtight sanctions and simultaneously help the enslaved brave Iranians in their epic struggle to rid Iran and the world of the beacon to the Islamist menaces.






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