Haji McMansions

by Fred

One aspect of the recent three billon dollar bank looting by the officials of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) did not have anything to do with the scale of such thefts in the regime; rather, it highlighted their ability to use international banking system to transfer loot out of the country.

This is evident with the ease Islamists transfer their ill gotten Iranian wealth to the sane world, flaunting it with McMansions, expensive cars and purchases of big businesses.  

The point being, the Iranian national interests, Iranian and not IRR, and that of the sane world worried about the messianic Islamists’ acquisition of weaponized nuke and bankrolling of international terrorism coincide at the same place, CBI.

In preliminary response to the recent court filing charging IRR with a plot to commit mass murder on the American soil, U.S. Treasury officials have begun talking about sanctioning the Central Bank of Iran (CBI).

IRR being a criminal enterprise, the best way to decimate it is to hit it where it hurts the most, CBI. It is all about the money, stupid!

This is a no-brainer, why the delay?


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Of bankers........

by پندارنیک on

OK, dear Fred........let's get serious here............I have a question for you and I want you to think about it without exploding like a nuke bomb.....and don't even think about maiming me or gouging my eyes for asking it.....and you have to answer it yourself, with no help from a charlatan friend of yours.........

" Don't you think that in fact you are asking the wrong guy for help? Don't you know it's all about money, stupid?"

What a nice poodle you've got, Fred....come on...what a girl.......come on.....good girl, come on.......what do you want? a tummy rub?.......... Oops you're a boy..............