The half-ass way

by Fred

It was billed as a spontaneous all-encompassing politico social movement which cannot be stopped. Well, where is the “unstoppable” Islamist faction of the Green Movement now?

Besides issuing redundant, generalized sermon like declarations, open letters and press releases, for all practical purposes, the Islamist Green movement is dead as a doornail.

By any measurement, the lets go back to the “Golden era of the Imam” leadership manifesto of the career Islamist trio, Khatami-Karubi Mousavi, has shooed away the multitude. It has also laid bare, for the umpteenth time and at exorbitant price in precious lives, that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, in unreformable and needs to be overthrown.

On the first anniversary of his passing, today a group of believers are planning to visit the gravesite of Montazari, the once heir apparent to the mass murdering Khomeini.

At the cost of losing the turbanned throne, the late Montazaeri distinguished himself by denouncing the Islamists’ runaway savagery and despite having participated in the early stages of the bloodlettings, will probably be remembered kindly by history.

The lesson Montazeri leaves the Islamists, both in power or the ones fighting to get it back, is simple. It is possible to denounce barbaric Islamist ways, forsake it as a governing dogma and be better for it. However, you cannot do it half-ass as the Islamist “reformers” think they can, it is one or the other.

Lets hope the right lesson is learned and the “reformist” Islamists do not try to create a “reformist” Islamist Imam out of the late Montazeri.


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Raahe 1-Kapal

by HHH on

This so called "Green Movement" was nothing but anti-regime Iranians coming out behind the shield of old mullah-lovers and mullahs like Musavi, Karrubi, Khatami & Rafsanjani.

The anti-regime freedom movement uses any opportunity to show it's dislike of IRI by coming out.

Ofcourse I'm 100% sure that this regime will stay in power unless Iranians get armed & fight the regime with full power not just walk, demonstrate and get shot. Without getting armed we cannot take Iran back from Dead-Arab-worshippers.

Soon Iran will be free of IRI and Palestine will be free of Zionists. That's what history tells us.


Haji sack of Islamist liar

by Fred on

In a comment about me to the rabid Islamist, the sack of Islamist liar, Haji NIOC nuke lobbyist says:

“his advocacy of war, destruction, and hatred."

Prove it sack of Islamist liars, cite my own words and prove it!

BTW, when in front of the cameras of the propaganda outlet of the “Great Satan” that you bad mouth all the time, sit up straight, wear suits that fit, enunciate your words clearly and do not tilt your head sideways.

 And no, your “Mousavi, the democracy leader” is only in your charlatan Ali Shariati intoxicated Islamist mind he is a democracy leader. He has to account for the mass murders of thousands of Iranians  under his watch. 

Now go give advice to the "morally bankrupt" media that you are so proud of.  

Sargord Pirouz

These people at "Fred" seem

by Sargord Pirouz on

These people at "Fred" seem to only be superficially informed of the more liberal segment of Iranian politics.

And by their tone, they try to come off as all-knowing.

You people really need to hire more competent personnel to assist your propagandist effort. As it is now, you're coming off as a rather tiresome joke. 


He is blind and deaf

by Mammad on


Freddo is deaf and blind. Regardless of how much evidence is there, he repeats his lies, exaggerations, and baseless slogans about the trio and Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, and his advocacy of war, destruction, and hatred. So, do not bother with that. Confront him the way he should be confronted.


In 30 seconds, Freddo jumps to respond!


Persian Boris

by comrade on

When I look back, I wish Gorbachev had succeded in his half-ass glasnost and perestroika.... 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



sorry to burst your neocon war advocating bubble Fred


Montazeri WAS an islamist, of the reformist kind. It's about time you neocons realized that there are non-rapist islamists out there. Montazeri was one of them. you could like them or hate them but they do exist and there are many of them out there. And no, I'm not and have never subscribed to that ideology but I'm not foolish enough to ignore a good percentage of Iranians who still want Islam part of their daily life including politics.


by the way, you might want to take a good look at the videos released by the recent stundetns protests. hear the chants of allah akbar, ya hussein mousavi and other religiously themed slogans. stop cherry picking war (airtight sanctions)advocate fred. or maybe you're practising for when you ride the bombs to Tehran to install your neocon friends as Irans new dictators?