Handing over the Iranians


by Fred

Here is how the local press reported it the next day:

“A wooden fishing boat loaded with asylum seekers was rolling below the cliffs at Flying Fish Cove, on the northern tip of Christmas Island.It was still unclear last night how many have died. Officially, there were 27 dead. Somehow, at least 42 people had survived.

Among the dead, believed to be Iraqis and Iranians, were women and children.”

During the past thirty two years, millions of Iranians have fled the savage IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, where men, women and children are raped, maimed and murdered almost at will by the messianic Islamist authorities.  

Uncounted numbers of Iranians have died in desperate attempts to flee their Islamist persecutors. Some have asphyxiated in sealed shipping containers smuggling them through Europe. Others have been murdered by greedy smugglers, and yet many others have perished at sea, mostly crossing from Greece.

The point is, just to get away from their Islamist persecutors; Iranians are taking extraordinary chances. If nothing else, it shows their desperation for freedom born of the tyranny they are suffering under from back at home.

That is why the recent news item carried by one of the IRR’s news outlets spells trouble:

“"Iranian embassy in Australia has been in contact with Iranian Foreign Ministry and Australia's Ministry of Migration," Mehmanparast added.

The Iranian official assured that the country would take necessary measures to return the survivors home and cure the injured.”

In other word, Islamist Rapists want those who have survived the journey to flee from them to be handed back over to them. It would be eternal shame on Australia if it even contemplates such move.




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Inghadr Chert Nagoo Mashdy

by HHH on

Israeli News Agency:  

"millions of Iranians have fled the savage IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, where men, women and children are raped, maimed and murdered almost at will by the messianic Islamist authorities."  

Now the truth:

Approximately 3 million Iranians live abroad. They left Iran for 5 reasons:

1. To pursue higher education at the time there was a shortage of universities in Iran(1970s-80s).

2. To escape the law after they joined terrorist groups like MKO and made attacks against Iranian army killing innocent soldiers.

3. To practice their none-Islamic religion in a none-Islamic environment & freely gather around the similar groups.

4. To find higher-income labor jobs when they had no capital in Iran. 

5. And the largest group who left because they wanted beer, wine, naked women, porn, easy dating, dressing provocatively, going to bars, clubs and doing things that are illegal in Iran.

Basically if you don't mess with mullahs, right now there are good number of universities available so #1 is out, #2 is still ongoing for those who decide to attack the mullahs, that's their choice, #3 is only active for Bahaiis but other religions are mostly free, #4 only applies if someone is so poor he can't build himself an income in Iran yet so strong he knows he can build it 10,000 miles through the storms! if there is cash #4 doesn't apply either. #5 is always there and will be there because in 21st century no one wants to live morally high, they prefer to be high on crack, whisky or sex.

So my point is: You can live happily in Iran if you prepare yourself for the few imperfections, but if you live your life in a decent way, I'm sure no one will torture, rape or molest you.

IRI will go no matter what, I mean they will slowly change from within. The old mullahs will die & the internet mullahs will have open minds. This situation will not last. So if you love Iran like me, ignore the mullahs and enjoy your country, and if you saw a picture of Khamenehii on the wall, draw 2 horns for him, it's fun. Let the poor bastards taste what we tasted before 79.

The only other alternative (And the one Israeli Fred loves to happen) is for a foreign army to attack Iran, kill 1 million Iranians, bomb every factory, bridge, airport, oil facility we've built in the past 40 years, then change our regime and install a puppet that forever sells us out. That, to be honest, is not an attractive option. I rather look at that ugly f... ahmadinejad for another 20 years before 1 bomb falls on my country. 


Sargord Pirouz

Hey, the Beta team of the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, the Beta team of the "Fred" propagandist effort appears to have the holiday off. For that we can be grateful.

Millions of Latin Americans have faced terrible adversities in coming to the US to work, compared to maybe a few hundred or thousand Iranians exiting Iran's borders for such. 

But for anti-Iran propagandists such as those of the "Fred" effort, Iran is the perpetual villain. Why? We can only continue to guess as these people lack the self-confidence to tell us ANYTHING about themselves. That, in itself, speaks volumes about not only the character of these individuals, but also the relative weaknesses of the positions they try to advance.