Happy Birthday

by Fred

Yesterday, Kofi Anan, the U.N.-Arab League envoy tasked with implementation of the “peace plan” the Battist murderers had agreed to, gave a status report to the UNSC.

After Annan gave his diplomatic gobbly-goop, the Battist murderers’ UN Ambassador waved a DVD claiming it contains confessions of "foreign fighters" responsible for the bloodshed, which he refused to give a copy to reporters.

However, the bottom line remains as it has been, Battist and their Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) ally are buying time and murdering unarmed Syrian men, women and children, particularly CHILDREN.

The last count on the number of murdered children is 1122.

A while back, United Nations' human rights chief, Navi Pillay, told the BBC:

"They've gone for the children - for whatever purposes - in large numbers.”

The only solution is, as it has been for the past year, declaring no-fly zone and safe areas for the Syrian people to take refuge in. This is a replay of Bosnia, do something NOW!

Ps. a belated Happy Birthday to Hamza, who would have been 14 on the 7th of this month were he not castrated by the Syrian soldiers before his mutilated lifeless body was handed over. Happy Birthday Hamza.


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