Hate Israel fest 2010

by Fred

As an annual occasion for expressing solidarity with the Palestinians and condemning Israelis, in 1979 Khomeini introduced “Qods Day” to be held on the last Friday of the Muslim’s month of fasting.

Ever since then the occasion has been choreographed IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic propaganda show aimed at proving Iranians’ total acquiescence with its ruinous Palestine-centric policies.

Needless to say that is not the case, especially since the Palestinian volunteers joined the invading Iraqi army to fight against Iranians and to this day many Palestinians hold Saddam Hussein as their hero.  

Tomorrow during “Qods Day” Loutish typically venomous Islamist slogans of death to a long list of countries will be chanted. Speeches dedicating Iran’s support to the Palestinian cause will be delivered. Of course in IRR language the generosity and support only covers the Gaza based Hams Terrorist cutthroats and its Lebanon based Hezbollah counterpart. 

But last year for a brief period before they were brutally suppressed after the very short-lived Tehran-Spring, Iranians shouted out their true sentiments on top of their lungs.  

Here is what they said in many cities and towns across Iran during the last “Qods Day” show, “neither Gaza, nor Lebanon, my life for Iran”.



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Stop spinning Fred.


Go check facebook profiles of prominent iranian politicians, Fred. the "green islamists" are the most popular facebook pages. And check balatarin, everytime they make a comment or release a statement (even up to this very day), it becomes top story on the site. check kaleme or rahesabz, there is quite abit of activity there too.


Stop spinning, Fred. You are as bad as regime sympahtizers, holding on to little fact they have left to justify regimes popularity. 



Not complex at all

by Fred on

I particularly chose a video clip in which the green color is prominent to emphasize the fact that not all greens are the Islamist Greens.

There is no complexity unless one wishes to make it so. The lifelong Islamists like Mousavi, Khatami and Karoubi tried to steer people to where they wanted them and it did not work. Therefore there are Islamist Greens and then there are Iranian Greens.

The split was evident the moment “Imam’s favorite” Prime Minister admonished people for their “Iranian Republic” slogan.

Now the Islamist Greens are left with their infomercials, satellite T.V. and a handful of websites with repetitive content but not that many people, lot of chiefs and not many Indian situation. A la charlatan Khatami, they blew it, again.   

Ari Siletz

Please note Green wrist bands in the video

by Ari Siletz on

The demonstrators are also demonstrating the complexity of the situation.



by Simorgh555 on

No to mention the Qods faction which was made of Palestinian and Lebanese minions of the Islamic Republic shooting out at Iranian demostrators.

Ariel Sharon was reviled and condemned by an Israeli court for his role in the Shatila refugee massacre where Christian Arab militia men opened fire on defenceless Palestinian men and women. However, one thing no body asks is why was it that the Christian Arabs hated the Palestinians? Did they suddenly develop a blood lust against Palestinians? No one can defend the carnage but no one looks at the causes. 

Why did the Kuwaitis started to hound Palestinians after Saddam was ejected? THE SAME REASON.

Arafat and his Palestinian cronies were allowed to reside as guests so long as they acted as bully boys and enforcers for their hosts. 

The Palestinians never learn: Keep your nose out of other people's business! 


spinning away, Fred style


In your black and white world view every single iranian has to be an israel supporting, secular democratic iranian patriot or it has to be an islamist rapist supporting hamas terrorist sympathizer.

so its useless relying on your "interpretation" of these events. you will just spit out the israeli talking points, as evident by your nonstop defense of their their atrocities (some even might say terrorism), and more importantly your defense of their campaign for airtight sanctions against poor ordinary iranians.


you are the last one who should be lecturing us about iranian-ness. 


Palestine-centric Islamists

by Fred on

Understandably the supporters of Hamas terrorists fail to see the uniquely Iranian rendy in the “Iran has become Palestine” slogan.

In light of other slogans like the Iranian oil money going to Palestine and neither Gaza nor Lebanon, the Palatine-centric Islamists might consider the slogan “Iran has become Palestine” has likewise definition.

Meaning Iran is the least of their beloved Islamist Rapists’ concern and everything in Iran is for Palestine.

Then again that would be asking too much of the Palestine-centric Islamists.


selectively picking and choosing videos


is disingenuous and is not going to help anybody. yes there were many "na ghaze, na lobnan.." and even "poole naft chi shode, kharje felestin shode" slogans but there were also "mardom chera neshastin, iran shode felestin".