Hating & loving Iran

by Fred

There is a small and yet loud segment of Iranians with the following self-described description:

- Have fled the barbarism of Islamists ruling over Iran.

- Are depressed over what the Islamists have and are doing to Iran and Iranians.

- Want to see the end of Islamists’ rule over Iran.

- Back the Islamists’ drive to acquire nuclear weapon.

In other words, on the one hand suffering from what Islamists are doing to Iran and Iranians, on the other hand desiring their power amplified a thousandfold with god-awful nuclear weapons.

One has to admit something is not making sense here, it just does not add up.

A number of explanations for these contradictory and self- defeating desires are put forth. Chief among them is the desire to see “the end of Israel’s nuclear hegemony.”

Of course the ramification of this supposed “nuclear hegemony” to Iran’s national interests are never enumerated nor the permanent presence of US in the region is taken into account.

It is said hatred blinds; given historic and strategic facts negates the claims of competing core national interests between Israel and Iran, would it be these Iranians are allowing some innate hatred to color their judgment?


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These Iranians have a name too:

by anglophile on

   ملی‌ - مذهبی‌