Having a chemo


by Fred

Advocacy of airtight sanctions against IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic with the express goal of overthrowing the regime before it imposes another war on Iran and Iranians is not that popular with some. 

Aside the usual triumvirate of Islamists/Anti-Semites and their clueless lefty lapdog of allies who are vehemently opposed to any and all measures being applied against their regime, there are others genuinely concerned about the effect of such measures on Iranian people.

The dilemma these people face is they would love nothing better than the end of IRR but wish another less painful, as of yet unknown, solution will be found soon. Something like all the while cancer has spread to lymph nodes hoping for the scientific discovery of a cure a patient would delay the chance chemo treatment offers. 

Physically and culturally Iranian people are being raped, tortured, maimed, starved and murdered by the Islamist Rapists.

Sure there are gleaming high-rises, ski chalets, super luxurious seafront communities and five star restaurants, but for the overwhelming majority of Iranians life has gotten worse during the past thirty one years, way worse.  

Just yesterday IRR came out with its worker’s minimum wage for the next fiscal year.  The wage which will cover several million Iranians is one third of what IRR itself has announced as the poverty line.

There is no hope of things getting better unless and until Islamist Rapist Republic is overthrown. With the alternative being war and continuation of rape, murder, starvation and pillage airtight sanctions are the much despised chemotherapy which has to be tried.






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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Either you are blind or deaf or dumb. Which is it Fred?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You can continue to slander people by referring to them as animals. You can use slurs and tickle yourself after you hit submit, but it doesn't change how much of a charade this blog is. Lovely lefties actually dispute the livestock method you and your sick camp propose for Iran and other countries/darkies. They dispute YOUR sick methods, not "any methods." So which one are you? Leave it to Iran, Fred. You know, that place you've never stepped foot in. The Iranians aren't livestock. They know what to do and they will do it. Stop trying to f* it up and make it about the "sane world."


airtight sanction iran for israel! because it feels right!


lets do it! while we are at it, lets use our democracy central grade A military power to spread some democracy!



by jamshid on

Your last comment was one heck of a comment. I enjoyed reading it, and although we don't see eye to eye on the issue of monarchy vs republic, i concur with your points.

Mola Nasredeen

Do you want french fries with your order?

by Mola Nasredeen on

or mash potatos?


The following will work.

by MRX1 on

The only sanction worth having is on three issues. 

1) Complete freeze of all the assets  that mullah's and aghazadehs accumalated in European banks.

2) An order to arrest any one in IRR leadership the moment they set their foot out of occupied Iran to face a trial for crimes against humanity.

3) Bloackade of Persian Gulf so IRR will not be able to export a gallon of oil. 

If the above actions are performed IRR will collaps faster than you can blink.



Mola Nasredeen

Don't get provoked by the Zionists and the few supporters they

by Mola Nasredeen on

have here. They will try to provoke you to be blocked. Been there, done that. Struggle agianst the Zionists continues in all fronts: //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8568355.stm

Darius Kadivar

Bavafa and You Precisely A Man of Lots of words and Hot Air ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I don't think Your Comment is worth a Reply.

I Stand My Case !



Darius Kadivar

Dear capt_ayhab Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

If "treason" there is It is Also Amongst Those Who Suggest Pure Neutrality on this Question. And I can name Many amongst those who attack Fred systematically in the same way they have attacked Systematically the likes of Abbas Milani or Reza Pahlavi.

You should know this French Expression:

"On Ne Peu Pas Avoir Le Beurre Et L'Argent Du Beurre"

Unity between Iranian Democrats regardless of their ideological or political preferences Cannot Be Achieved without mutual concessions. And that is something that I am afraid many people You side with on this website Refuse to do so by pure blindness, stubborness, and Intellectual Cowardice not to say dishonesty !

We are Not living in La La Land ... as if Politics was only in the hands of Saints ?

Everyone has made mistakes in the last ten years since Sept 11th changed the world we are living in for better or for worse.

But Where Do We Go from There Now ?

We Sit and Complain about the worthless leaders we have but what have WE done to  deserve better One's ?

One cannot always have what You or I Want !

I will never Be Able to Convert You into Becoming a Monarchist and You won't be able to Convince me to become a Republican !

So What do we do given that fact ? Shoot in one another's feet while the Clock is Ticking and refuse ANY Constructive suggestion ?

I see You attacking Reza Pahlavi all the time and bringing up the Michael Leeden and Richard Pearl In every single conversation against Reza Pahlavi as if they commanded him. Well Abbas Milani also spoke to these fellows in order to have access to the White House Think Tanks and see if he could influence US Policy on Iran. Reza Pahlavi Never Met any of these fellows except probably through indirect talks. So What ? It doesn't say anything as to his patriotism.

Hamid Dabashi or the Leveretts who also befriends NIAC People like the Sadri Brothers met George Galloway and hailed him publically as a Great Man and Yet both these Fellows ( Galloway and Leverette) supported and support the Regime in Iran despite the bloody clampdown.

Flynt Leverett & Hamid Dabashi: Iranians do not want to overthrow the Islamic Republic:


Should I conclude that Dabashi is a Traitor ?

I don't Like Dabashi I think he is Stupid and Wrong and more interested in the Arab Cause than his recent interest as the self Proclaimed Spokesmen of the Green Movement. He is a former Regime Apologist  who has turned his shirt.

But he is not a Traitor !

So come down Your High Horses in Attacking the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi as you have done all these years calling us Traitors.

As If You Guys Had Some Moral Superiority to judge Us !

We are Entitled to Our Vision and Hopes for Iran However Different than Yours and as Much as ANYONE ELSE !

No More No Less !

As Monarchists We have discovered the virtues and advantages of Democracy in the Same Way You Former Supporters of the Islamic Republic have discovered the virtues and advantages of Secularism since the Post Election Protests !

So blaming eachother because we have changed or shifted in our opinions over the years on grounds of hypcorisy is hypocritical in itself !

Only Imbeciles Don't Change !

It's not because one participates to such Think Tanks that one shares it's conclusions ? That's the BULL SHIT PhD Graduates like Trita Parsi wanted to feed us all these years when he himself was participating with IRI Think Tanks on Capitol Hill and trying to benefit from the same Democracy Fund to run NIAC. Trita Has As Much Blood on his hand as Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists in Exile. In Short NONE !

I will even go further to this Day I Share ALL of George Bush's Assessments on the Regime in Tehran as being part of an AXIS OF EVIL !

Should That allow You and your friends to conclude for that matter that I wish to see my Country Bombed ?

I've Read Trita Parsi's Book and EVERYTHING he said on Reza Pahlavi is Pure BULLSHIT based on Suppositions with No Proof or valid Evidence what so ever !

The Democracy Fund started under Clinton's administration and Not George Bush and Regime Change policy did not mean Invading Iran. That on Capitol Hill Opposition groups be it the MKO, Royalist or anyother group including Human Rights organizations like the Boroumand Foundation seeked funding or even Regime Apologists like Haleh Esfandiary ( who later was arrested while visiting her mother in Iran) is done all the time in such circles. EVERYONE does it INCLUDING NIAC and It's SAINT Trita Parsi.

What people wish to do with that money is another matter. What does wanting that money to finance LA TV Broadcasts and Propaganda against the Regime in Tehran as Monarchists wanted to do in seeing VOA Persian and Radio Farda be financed have to do with the way the MKO may want to use that money for other means like Terrorism or buying Weapons ? Or Ahmad Chalabi who seeked that money for his own objectives.

Money has the same color for everyone ! It Not a reason to Spit on any eventual help to achieve one's goals for that matter. All the more that the goals were different for each group. We did Not sleep with the MKO or ever promise anything to them or them to us. Unlike Trita Parsi who was engaging with the IRI Ambassador he wanted to Lobby on Capital Hill !

So Who are We Kidding with these Moralistic Accusations worthy of Kindergarden Debates ?

As for the Rest of Trita's book It is an interesting read on the geo strategic realities of the region. But like All things in the Political world even That Reality changes with time.

The Sad Fact remains that We Cannot Afford a Nuclear Iran under this Regime.

That is why I have ALWAYS Said and Will Say:


Do I need to repeat without Military Intervention ?


REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK 

IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Defecting Revolutionary Guard's confession and support to Reza Pahlavi

If ANYONE or YOU has ANYTHING Better to Suggest !

I Welcome Their and Your Feedbacks !




DK: you are a man of many words with little substance.

by Bavafa on

"It is easy to say Don't Use Sanctions, Don't Attack etc ... But What the Fuck Do They Offer as a Practical Approach in the meantime ?"

There has been many suggestions and afford to bring democracy and freedom to Iran. The many millions of people pouring on the streets of Tehran and other cities is an example of that. The changing regime in Tehran may not be happening as fast as you and I like it to be, but neither of us are putting our lives on the line either.

"Accusing Fred of calling for War against Iran is absurd"

It is not merely an accusation but stating the fact. He has been confronted many times and never denied it.

Here is a link to his blog with and excerpt of it:


"What is the desired goal from the application of sanctions, be it limited, targeted or crippling? If the answer is anything short of war and to avoid it, regime change, then not only such sanctions would be frivolous, they would be criminal."

So it you don't think this is a call for war on Iran, I don't know what it is.

In regards to mahmoudg comment, I agree with you that is totally irresponsible but at least he has the balls to state it without hiding behind some double talk as Fred does. Fred' interest has always been ONLY and ONLY Ezrail's interest without any regards for Iran and Iranians.




Mr. Kadivar

by capt_ayhab on

I second that motion, well reasoned and supported argument sir.

I only wish that these people who propagate military attack on the homeland could see beyond their irresponsible if not outright treacherous glasses that any attack on Iran will have catastrophic results on the nation.



Darius Kadivar

mahmoudg That is not a responsible comment

by Darius Kadivar on

An attack on the nuclear facilities whether they are effective and even at best if it did not lead to human casualties would backfire on all levels including in any legitimate attempt to overthrow the regime.

Middle East expert Abbas Milani and USA Today reporter Barbara Slavin argue why  "surgical strikes" would be counterproductive :


The IRI perfectly knows that and they will love to see an attack on their installations for it will confort their own "conspiracy theories" that the government was right about accusing foreign powers meddling in the current unrests in Iran and by all accounts it would be a wonderful gift to the IRI leadership if ever the military option is carried out.

I do not overestimate the power of the IRI in the region in succeeding to destablize the middle east if it were attacked by Israel or the US one way or another. The IRI is not a Super Power as such and even if let's say it tries to help the Hamas or Hezbollah in retaliation, the majority of the Arab World will not move a finger in defence of Ahmadinejad. So yes from an Israeli or Euro American point of view an attack won't hurt the interests of Western Powers as much as some predict. But for Iranians in general and for the Green Movement in particular but also for the exiled Opposition I support it would be a disaster. That is why the IRI would actually welcome such an attack.

We all know that.

That is why the current crisis is becoming a real headache in terms finding an imaginative response that would threaten the regime's stability without hurting the people.

Were we living during the Cold War, America under Reagan would not hesitate a Second to launch an attack. But today the rules of the game have changed considerably and nucleare proliferation is a major concern given that we are not living in a Bi Polar world anymore and the world's superpowers certainly needs to re evaluate this reality and come up with a set of rules that can both guarantee world security while empowering the Nuclear Watch Dog which is the IAEI into a real functional institution.

That is the real challenge in a world that depends more and more on civil nucleare technology in the same way it depended on Oil.

We all know that Rogue States like the IRI cannot be trusted. Their behavior has to be curbed and I am not even certain that Sanctions will achieve that goal even in the way Fred suggests it. However in the abscence of any practical alternative I can understand Fred's suggestion as the last resort if all other options fail.

Where I dissagree strongly with all those hypocrites who attack Fred is that they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SUGGEST as an alternative.

It is easy to say Don't Use Sanctions, Don't Attack etc ... But What the Fuck Do They Offer as a Practical Approach in the meantime ?

Accusing Fred of calling for War against Iran is absurd. He has never suggested such a thing even by word. One can claim that he offers a radical solution and logically argue that he is being too optimistic as to the positive turnovers of such Air Tight Sanctions if they were carried out. I personally don't think that the regime truly cares about being cornered by foreign powers be it through Air Tight Sanctions or through an unfortunate military intervention because they don't give a Shit about their Own People and their sufferings.

So the question remains what is the Opposition to do in the meantime so as to make sure that in case one or both options above are carried out ?

NO ONE Including Fred's Staunchest Critics has been able to answer this question or give a satisfactory solution other than bark blindly as that is all these nuts are capable of doing !

Is there a way of convincing Iranians inside that a military attack by Israel ( possible ) or America ( very unlikely in my opinion) is not an attack on Iranians pride and dignity given that their regime is not worthy of their trust and support regardless of such a pre emptive attack ?

Personally I would not blame the Americans or Israelians of carrying out such an operation given that the provocator is Iran's regime and no one else. But is that enough an argument to convince our entire nation against crediting their governments stance ? Would it not actually strengthen them by victimizing the regime in its so called nationalistic claims ?

The Russian Revolution was precisely strengthened because they were attacked after 1918 by the White Russians. Instead of weakening them the people rallied with the Bolscheviks by nationalism rather than any other consideration.

So history proves that attacking even the most unpopular regime on grounds of international security concerns has always been counterproductive. 

So what other option remains ? Civil or violent Resistance ?

Provoking unrest in the country through violent actions  ( which would wihtout doubt be dubbed as Terrorist operations by the regime's propagandists) against the regime's thugs or revolutionary guards cannot be carried out without evaluating the consenquences for the population in terms of executions, wide arrests etc ...

The French Resistance only succeeded on the long term by coordinating its networks throughout the country PATIENTLY in an ORGANIZED way and in corrolation with the exiled government of De Gaulle.

This is where the Iranian Opposition both inside and outside fall short. First because there is absolutely no dialogue between the two.

The current Leaders of the Opposition are playing it solo because they know that they would be arrested if they officially contacted someone like Reza Pahlavi in exile. However that should not stop indirect contacts be it through their representatives or their intellectual likeminds.

I do not see why Symbolic genstures of seeing Akbar Ganji, Shirine Ebadi or other so called reformists like Soroush or Mohsen Kadivar have to lose by rallying Reza Pahlavi not by endorsing his Royal stature but what he is suggesting and that is a common platform towards Unity and Regime Change.

A United Opposition can reassure Foreign Powers like the US, Europe or Israel that the IRI are not the official spokesmen of the Iranian Nation at Large but that the diverse Opposition is.

That is why even the so called Selected Green Leaders need to look beyond the current status quo by joining hands with ALL other democratic forces and form a Common Coalition. As such when one will speak of the Iranian opposition we will not have to make a distinction between the Exiled Democratic oppostion and the Green Movement inside Iran or the reformist camp.

But that will require Bold Statements on behalf of such leaders like Moussavi, Khatami or Karoubi than what they have declared to date.

They need to Join the Secularists and demand regime change and not merely a change of government.

I don't say that is easy and it can require self sacrifice on their part. No one is asking them to commit suicide even if  Moussavi boldly claimed to be ready to die for Iranians just  like Amir Kabir ...

But the leaders need to realize that the West won't wait or even care about their predicament if their interests are in danger.

That is why the Opposition needs to reorganize itself into one body.

How that can be done ? Only the figureheads or those who claim to ambition that role need to answer that question.  

But people both Outside and Inside Need to realize that the Clock is Ticking !

We Cannot Afford a Nuclear Iran under the current ILLEGITIMATE and UN IRANIAN Regime !

If anyone has a Practical and Satisfactory suggestion other than Giving Further Ass to these Mullahs I look forward to hearing them. Just Please Spare us Your Crocodile Tears for the People of Gaza and Don't Bring in the Palestinian and Israeli Conflict into this picture of no concern to Our National interests !

My Humble Opinion,



Cancer is alright, only the cancer in ME is Ezrail

by Bavafa on

which is spreading and affecting almost every nation in ME and else where. The sooner the Zionist regime can be stopped, the sooner other fundamentalist regime and group will loose the wind in their sail.


P.S. I am with Mardom Mazloom, hate IRI just as much but not to wish them war, which Fred has openly advocated in the past, on Iran or Iranian people. Only a traitor and coward will wish such thing.


Surgical attacks the only way forward

by mahmoudg on

This regime will not leave until and unless it kills 3 million iranians.  Sanctions only delays the inevitable.  Iran can only cut its losses if it gives in to surgical attacks by the allies.  The sooner we do this, the sooner we get rid of the cock roaches ruling Iran.  Killing 200 thousand basij and pasdar will bring tears to no one's eye (I doubt even to their family members).  let's get this dark part of our history behind us, and move towards democracy and freedom.

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

My position to Mein Früd's tight-tight blogs:
I'm not an islamist,
nor a rapist,
nor a leftist,
nor everything else in Mein Früd's tight-tight vocabulary which ends with an  ist,

No sir.
I do hate this regime more than everything else in this world. For me, Mullahs ruling Iran are the direct descendants of beasts from Hell.
BUT, I'm against the blind tight-tight sanctions that Mein Früd proposes to get ride of this thugocracy.
The reason is simple: sanctions as they are imposed will just impoverish Iranians and enrich Sepah and Mullahs, as they have already did in these past 30 and more specially 10 years ago.

The sane world knows it, Mein Früd knows it, we know it and Mullahs know it too.

The solution is to not recognize the regime, target Mullah's assets around the world and help people inside to lead their fight against darkness.

So knowing this, why Mein Früd continues to daily write his tight-tight blogs?

1- Coz, Mein Früd has alzeihmer and by repeting tight stuffs, he don't want to forget how good are tight things?
2- Mein Früd is Mullah's agent on this site and he wants a war as War is the last thing which can help Mullahs to survive more?
3- Mein Früd loves to see people starving in his TV?
4- Other suggestions?