Hey, put a cork in it!

by Fred

Another year, another IAEA report on the illegal weaponized nuke program of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), resulting to another war frenzy, in another words, business as usual.

Although some in the sane world are still cuddling the “reformist” faction of the Islamist Rapists, the reality of IRR is unreformable and needs to be put out to pasture, “reformist” and all, lock stock and barrel has gained traction. 

Before the nuke acquiring messianic Islamists impose another war on Iran and the region, the sane world has to impose airtight sanctions which include oil/gas/Central Bank and maritime interdiction.

With nuclerized IRR, there will never be any prospect of peace in the strategic Middle East region. 

The sane world should put a cork in it, stop “all options are on the table” talk and openly help the Iranian people with the needed logistic/financial and political support to overthrow their shared nemesis.


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