Hillary help!


by Fred

In back to back interviews with the Persian Services of BBC and VOA, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in essence said:

U.S. knows the Islamist "Dictatorship" ruling over Iran is building a weaponized nuke.

U.S. tried to make nice with the Islamists, they are simply not interested.

U.S. not helping Iranians when they rose up two years ago was due to the messages it got from the Islamist Greens and their lobbies.

U.S. is sorry for the past mistakes.

If the Iranian people ask for help, U.S. is willing and eager to oblige their request.


Given that without help, no nation or group of people, including America herself, have ever achieved their freedom and emancipation.

Given that the Iranian people were shouting at the top of their lungs:  “Obama, Obama — either you're with them or you’re with us.”

Given that the policy of listening to the Islamists lite and their lobbies has proven to be a big fat very costly mistake for both Americans and Iranians 

And given that without a free and democratic Iran allied with her historic and strategic partner, the only democracy in the entire Middle East, the state of Israel, no peace will ever take hold in the region.  

Perhaps, at long last, the U.S. will do the right thing and help the Iranian people to overthrow their warmonering, nuke acquiring, “management of the world” aiming, messianic Islamists. And in the process, help America to achieve her peaceful goals in the region which leads to bringing all the troops back home.

Hillary help!


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Excellent Post Ayatoilet

by masoudA on

I wish more Iranians would understand the transitions America is going through.   Don't forget, the Establishment Republicans are no better than Democrats....but America is making a serious and much needed move towrds conservatism and away from Liberalism....We need to re-establish morality in America, and it shall certainly not come by way of Hollywood Liberals or California in General.   I just hope this conservative movement towards constitutionalism is not hijacked by religious freaks and hard right redneck facists.   


Hilary's Statements are a Lies ...Democrats will lose!

by ayatoilet1 on

1) Her statement about asking Iran's "green" leadership if they wanted U.S. help - is a big fat lie. Her statement is designed to actually "reinforce" them by pretending that they are somehow nationalists and did not want U.S. intervention etc.

2) It is also designed to bolster the standings of these so called "Green" leaders - when in fact neither Karroubi nor Moussavi were in fact real leaders of the opposition. Both from inside the regime; both with blood on their hands for cooperating with the regime; both Theocrats to boot; both lacked credibility as anything ...  If they (the Americans) did in fact ask them whether or not they wanted help - they asked the wrong guys ...they had no real standing.

3) Iranian people all over Iran were asking for "obama's help" and it was clear and vivid on countless videos.

This is royal bullshit from Hillary. It is designed to say to the Islamic regime who they are actively negotiating with - evey day - that as long as the people of Iran are with you, we are with you too...and we are not your enemies we are friends of the people of Iran ...people everywhere...and we have only intervened when the "people of a country" asked us to. Garbage, Garbage, Garbage...

What they say behind closed doors to engender trust is up to them. It is certainly cheaper for them to negotiate than fight. It is cheaper to pull all their troops out of Iraq and 'deal' with Iran's current regime. Okay, fair enough. But please don't lie about it.

There is only one truth Ms. Clinton: Iranian people have fought for their freedom for over 100 years. US and Britain have conspired to deny Iranians freedom and democracy not once but at least 3 times these past 100 years...including (especially) supporting the rise and maintenance of the Islamic regime in power in Iran today...and Iranians can not defeat the heavily armed, brutal, and ruthless elements of the current regime (notably the IRGC) without outside assistance. This is the absolute, undeniable truth.

You, Ms. Clinton, and America as a whole have lied and let down not only the people of Iran - but also the people of the United States...let me remind you that the declaration of independence says that "ALL MEN ...(not just Americans) ... are endowed with inalienable rights ...(among which) are life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness. Ms. Clinton - you are a hypocrite.

I as a democrat - will not vote for Obama again. You just lost my vote; and I will go on national television to encourage other Iranians to do the same. Obama will be a one term President. Republicans will take over the Senate as increase their majority in the house, and there will be a Republican in the White House.

You Ms. Clinton; and your colleague Mr. Holder - have treated Iranians here like fools. We are NOT fools. And believe it or NOT we carry a great deal of weight here....sit back and watch.



خجالت داره، آخه مردی گفتن، زنی‌ گفتن!


Hillary help? Just like that? How dare you, my friend? Where were you when Monica of Chosen People was chan ta noghte Bill's chan ta noghte? Did you ever bother to say a kosher thing against that infamous slut?.......Hillary help?


Obama is With Them -

by masoudA on

Certainly not with us.   Days after occupying the White House, the bozo called himself a student of history and gave all credits for any progress in science, arts,.....in the Middle East to Islam !!!  That should heve been enough ..... 

Darius Kadivar

True Except that Israel is not the only "Democracy" in ME

by Darius Kadivar on

So is Turkey ... 


Energy Tribune- Turkey Defends Iran's Nuclear Right

Turkey, Iran to cooperate against Kurdish militants - Haaretz Daily 


As much as we hate to admit it ...


Nothing can be achieved without convincing the Turks that they would be better off with a Different Iran like in the Good Ol' Days when "Secularism" was more fashionable ... 


The only known footage of Reza Shah Meeting Ataturk with audio discovered in Turkey



Hence The Historical and Constitutional Legitimacy of  The "R" Word ...


RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy

By supporting it's Legitimate heir:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by Darius KADIVAR 

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by Darius KADIVAR  


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