Holding women in chicken coop


by Fred

According to her husband, the imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer and the recent recipient of the Pen award, Nasrin Sotoudeh is about to be transferred to an industrial chicken house turned into prison for women.

Recently number of firsthand account of conditions at the Gharchak chicken farm outside Tehran, has reached the sane world.

Apparently for the hundreds of captive women, which include the Baha’is, student activists and other religious/political prisoners,  the Serbian concentration camp-like industrial chicken coop where women are physically brutalized, there are only few rudimentary toilets, forcing the women to relive themselves next to where they lie-down to sleep on the floor.

To put an end to the crimes against humanity being committed by the Islamist Rapists, the sane world lead by the U.S. must impose airtight sanctions which include oil.

It must also materially help the democracy craving Iranians to overthrow their unreformable weaponized nuke acquiring messianic Islamists bent on “managing the world.”

On top of getting nuke, horrible crimes against humanity are being committed, get cracking!


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The first post.

by Paykar on

Astute readers would pick up on the fact that this poster is saying; since the regime has been so productive building roads, that it neglected the prison conditions. He is asking you which you would prefer.

Yes partial support for the regime still means total support for Velayate Faghih.

Obfuscation in the service of self deception has no limit.

Maryam Hojjat

Demo, Are you IRI/IRR sympthizer?

by Maryam Hojjat on

I feel sorry for you.  Every time Fred writes something which makes sense you show up and say your BS against his blog.

Down with IRR/IRI and his supporters who are not IRANIANS but enemies of IRAN & IRANIANS


Holding Nations in Chicken Coops!

by Demo on

Here comes again the daily F's chicken drops:

"The sane world lead by the U.S." which incidentally has held both Iraq & Afghanistan in chicken coops for more than 10 years, murdering millions of their people among many other horrondous crimes commitment, e.g. the "refreshing!" Abu Ghoraib prisons dramas for one!

"The democracy craving Iranians" The same exact drops about Iraqis by Bush & his Dick to invade Iraq & to turn that country to a chicken hoop!

"Horrible crimes against humanity are being committed, get cracking!" No comment on this one for GOD sake as anything said will be considered Islamist & Anti-Semantic! 



I dare say...

by پندارنیک on

One valid reason for the obvious inhumane conditions which exist in the prisons in Iran is the lack of proper facilities. Had the regime known better, it would have built more jails instead of stretching roads and drinking water system to remote parts of the nation.

** My comment above should not be perceived as my total support for the IRI's sickening judicial and law enforcement systems. But it surely will, nonetheless!