I was wrong and apologize


by Fred

I was wrong and being a fair-minded person I apologize.

Some time back I wrote a blog about brain drain from Iran and that it is the highest in the world. It now turns out that I was totally wrong.

I have Mr. Hassan Ghashghavi to thank for setting me straight. Yes he is the same Deputy Foreign Minister of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic who does official welcoming of convicted Islamist assassins like the one who murdered Bakhtiar or 009 agents like Amiri.

Mr. Deputy Foreign Minister has just said the following about brain drain controversy:

“The inhabitants of any country with geographical land and sea location like Iran have the natural inclination to migrate. This in fact is a measure of the greatness of a country.”


“The reality is the number of brains entering Iran is more than those exiting.”

Mr. Deputy Foreign Minister finished up by this most indisputable supporting evidence that brains are pouring in and not out:

“If you take a look at flights to Iran, you will see they’re all booked and there is not an empty seat to be had.”  


I stand corrected and admit Islamist Rapist Republic is a magnet for the best brains and whoever says to the contrary must not know about the packed inbound, and stands to reason, all the empty outbound flights.      





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by Iraniandudee3 on

We need to get these filthy islamist parasites out of power or even afghanistan will be ahead of us in 20 years or so.  It's time for Iranians to band together under one banner of flag and goal and set up a government that benefits us and our people, and we're so close too.

 We have so many smart and brilliant people, and they're all going to waste cause they can't find jobs, and the economy is messed up cause of the stupidity and the delusional acts of these shameless mullah's. We nee to rid these bastards one way or another. There's nothing wrong with killing evil to protect yourself no matter how you look at it, whether in a religous sense or not, in fact it's encouraged, and the people of Iran are doing it for the future of their kids, and country, I would see nothing wrong with it.


Long live true Iranians and Iran


seecrest out


Iranian.com is used to spread lies& promote terrorist activities

by Javadagha on

hamsade ghadimi do you know what Ritalin is?  I don’t.  Whatever it is I do not need an artificial stimulant.  You must be one of those who benefits from this and other stimulants, especially the ones your President Obama offered to jack start the USA economy!!  Re-read my post, I said Iran has brain drain and I have read about this subject in IRI published newspapers and magazines.  IRI officials are not “tafeteh joda bafteh,” from the rest of our people.  We had vatanforosh idiots during Shah and we have vataforosh idiots now, and we will have these idiots in the future.                                         Fred and Co. has lied and his lies are posted on front page.  Iranian.com has become a public not a personal website.  Fred and Co. can create their own website and promote shit as much as they want.  However, if they post threats and advocate bombing(s), according to the USA State Dept., they will be called terrorists. Iranain.com is used to promote hatred and spread terrorist activities.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

marjaneh, your comment cracked me up at first.  then it made me depressed.

javadagha, it seems that you forgot to take your ritalin today. pay attention to the topic.  focus.  what do you think of ghashghavi's comment?


Iran does not need brains

by vildemose on

Iran does not need brains when "intellectual" powerhouses like Galloway can broadcast directly from Tehran:

Galloway's Broadcast from Tehran George Galloway's Press TV broadcast from Tehran after he attended Ahmadienjad's propaganda conference last week:


Iranian.com is used to spread lies& promote terrorist activities

by Javadagha on

I am surprised to read Fred’s apology which has nothing to do with his lies.  On August 8, 2010, Fred lied about a NIAC board member attending a conference in Tehran.  Fred cited New York Times which I read twice and found nothing in it.  Fred lied and his non-sense was displayed in front page of Iranian.com

 As usual, Fred mixes things up. The heading and content of this blog is misleading.  Many have written about brain drain in Iran and their findings have been published in IRI newspapers and magazines.  Even IRI officials send their kids to study or work in other countries.  IRI officials are not “tafteh joda bafeteh.”      According to USA State Dept. and Israel Officials, if someone makes threats and advocates bombing, he or she is a terrorist.  Several people have joined Fred Co. in making threats and advocate bombings. 

Iranian.com is used to spread lies and promote terrorist activities.


My small city.

by Tahirih on

When I arrived in my small city 27 years ago there was a handful of Iranians  here but in the last 2 yrs our numbers have reached 4000!!! and they are coming every month.My city has a harsh weather and nobody used to stay here,but the situation in Iran must be so harsh that they come here and are grateful. I must say that out of that 4000, we must have at least 100 PhD and about 20 medical specialists. # of engineers are more that 80 for sure.

Yes, there is no brain drain from Iran!!

Maryam Hojjat

Sargord, You are incompetent who

by Maryam Hojjat on

does not see IRI/IRR's lies, crimies and thefts in IRAN.  You like the rest of akhoonds are most backward human beings.  GOD have mercy on all of you at the end of your journey!


question is

by Marjaneh on

how many planes and how many brains once arriving in brain paradise are bashed into a coma for having too many cells.

„Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera."- Pablo Neruda

Just posting in support ....

Sargord Pirouz

Come on Fred, this isn't the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Come on Fred, this isn't the first time you've been wrong. I pointed out an error in just your previous post. The entire basis of the post was erroneous! 

If you're going to post a retraction, you should do so for all the other countless errors.

And please, Fred, you're not a "fair minded" individual. Not by a long shot. Fair minded individuals don't bark "MEIN FUHRER!" every time they disagree with somebody.

But hey, if that previous post about you being part of a PR effort us true, maybe one person is the "MEIN FUHRER" type and another considers him/herself a fair minded individual. 

Myself, if you are part of a PR effort, all I can say is you're mighty incompetent.