An illicit affair

by Fred

India is not only the world’s biggest democracy; due to her independence leaders’ humanism, she holds a special moral high ground in the world.

What the current crop of Indian leaders and businessmen/women are doing is anathema to what India stands for.

High-level 80 person strong Indian government/business delegation visiting Tehran to cut business deals with the uber-apartheid Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is wrong.

India continuing to buy oil, albeit at cut-rate, from IRR which enables it to continue to rape, stone to death, mutilate Iranian men, women and children is wrong.

India not being totally forthcoming about the apparent connection between the apprehended Islamist Rapist terrorist suspects and IRR government is wrong.

India and Iran have many ties of history and culture which goes back many millennia, what the current leaders of India who have opted to get into bed with IRR, international terrorists and the enemy of the Iranian people, is just wrong and shameful.

Sri Lanka is about to cut off buying oil from the Islamist Rapist terrorists, India should do the same.


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؛آن دست(نه سر نه پا) خداوند بود؛ دیگو مارادونا


 شب عید است مکن صحبت زِ عیدی
شتر دیدی نه دیدی
مکن صحبت زِ درد بی دوائی
شتر دیدی نه دیدی
بده برلیان عیدی به هندی
شتر دیدی نه دیدی
که عید است مکن صحبت زِ بی وفای
شتر دیدی نه دیدی

I wear an Omega watch

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Sweet Israel has been fooling around for decades , forcing every single country to get in bed with it.. Now somehow India is bored and seeking another partner.

What's the matter? Is Israel mad?

India you are committing adultery. Did you hear me India?  Stop it ... you naughty naughty Indians. 




I heard they don't even pay

by hirre on

I heard they don't even pay in dollars, but in rupies... great success... Not only is it bad for Iran, but we are selling a precious resource to an endless demand. I mean, come on, over 1 billion indians!? That's endless demand... Then we have the chinese (over 1 billion aswell)... The day we say no to fossil fuels, that's the day the IR will be overthrown...


India Rips IRR in half Price!

by Azarbanoo on

That is the reason.  However, Very Shameful of India.


Cheer Up!

by Demo on

Cubans like Indians have too much fun with their independence from the 'sane world's' schemes. That is why they came up with the following song long ago.

Cheer up then on this last day of the year as the illicit 'back kissing' is of no use no more!

Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano (Video edit by Pink louder) - YouTube 




by پندارنیک on




کاشکی‌ میمرد پنداری و نمیدید روزی رو که نازنین بهوت افسرده‌ها
هی‌........گرفتاری شما جماعت
از عدم درکتان از مناسبات نوین جهانی‌، در
نبود جنگ سرد، ناشی‌ میشود........اهل تقلید نیستم،وگرنه آن تکه زیبای "پا
بزن"جاش اینجاس....