The insanity

by Fred

As the sane world lead by America is beginning to at long last take nuke acquiring IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic seriously, it is doing all the wrong things.

The introduction of U.S. missile shield to the Persian Gulf, a highly unreliable technology not only does not solve any threat emanating from IRR, it only adds to the existing problems.

The by now spread all over the glob Islamist barbarism unleashed by the Islamist Rapists ruling over Iran, can only be dealt with effectively by the people of Iran. And the best way to do it is to empower the beleaguered Iranians to do that which needs to be done.

There is no need for military hardware, injection of more fear or as the case with the recent missile shield, false sense of security.

Iranian people have proven their willingness and bravery, the sane world has to openly and unremittingly back them up. Stop looking for the “good Islamists” to back; they all have blood on their hands and only want the survival of IRR. Tying up the hands of Islamist Rapists by airtight sanctions will tip the scale towards democracy advocated in Iran. Time is of the essence.



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the  sheild is a mistake.


the  sheild is a mistake. instead of creating cracks within the regime they are only going to strengthen it.


the neocons have hijacked Obama's mid-east again it seems.