Iran 5


by Fred

It is said time flies when you’re having fun. If true, then Iran and Iranians must have been having one hell of a fun year for in few weeks time it will be a year since the large demonstrations against the vote rigging by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic broke out.

Even though by putting aside all pretenses the Islamist Rapists quickly snuffed out the peaceful demonstrations, for few fleeting days the impossible dream of peacefully transitioning from thirty years of Islamist barbarity to civilized governance seemed very much possible making the moment exhilaratingly fun.  

But needless to say reality was soon imposed on the situation by IRR’s rooftop sharpshooters randomly taking out demonstrators, club and chain-wielding motorcycle mounted Islamist Rapist wolf packs setting on peaceful unarmed people cracking their bones and countless numbers being dragged to IRR rape and torture centers.  

As murdering Iranians by Islamist Rapists goes, the sudden execution of five more young Iranians the other day is neither shocking nor out of character for IRR which throughout its lifespan has excelled at raping, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children.  

But this last batch, four men and a lone woman who were meant to be a warning for the upcoming anniversary of the peaceful hopeful demonstrations turned Islamist reality have awakened rather than continuing to lull the consciences of many previously indifferent to the plight of Iranians.

Lets hope the murder of Iran five will be the epilog to the tragic life of Iran under the yoke of Islamist Rapists. The five murdered Iranians beginning with the lone young girl followed by the teacher and the others were:

Shirin Alam-Houyee

Farzad Kamangar  

Ali Heidarian

Farhad Vakili

Mehdi Islamian


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The folly of owerthrowing a

by fooladi on

The folly of owerthrowing a fascict regime, such as IRI by "peaceful demonstrations", must be clear to all by now, except for the "leadership of green movement!", and their fan club in London and NY, and a few fools who still believe in them. The General strike in Kurdistan (the first one ever since 1979 revolution), shows a clear path to the rest of Iranians how to owethrow this regime. By Direct action, General strikes, and final, inevitable armed uprising against this most evil of a dictatorship.