Iran' endangered species

by Fred

As a strange white vapor column visible for miles was rising from a powerful explosion at one of the Islamist Revolutionary Guards armories, the live news program of the Persian Service of BBC in London contacted & interviewed number of Iranians in Tehran, including the veteran journalist Hassan Fathi.

Well, given the operating principle with the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is that Iranians have no right to know anything unless preapproved by IRR; Mr. Fathi has been arrested by the Islamist goon squad.

In the words of their mouthpiece Fars News Agency:

“Security agents arrested Hassan Fathi who in the past days made public statements on a live broadcast on BBC Persian and made Zionist allegations about Iran.”

Aside many species of the wildlife, the highly cultured and professional  journalists in Iran are also on the list of the most endangered.

With that in mind, the West allowing IRR’s "journalists" roaming freely in the sane world while real Iranian journalists are being abused does not make sense.

IRR’s propaganda outlet, the Press TV, has a big operation in the UK, why?


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