Iran ♥ Israel

by Fred

There's a whole lot of loving going on. It must be the season; spring has that effect on people.

Much is being made of the recent exchanges of lovey-dovey messages between Iranians and Israelis; however, it is nothing new.

One must know outside the manufactured hostility by the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) perpetuated by its triumvirate of Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their like-minded lap poodle of lefty allies, there has never been any animosity between the two people.

Some and not all of the Facts:

Culturally, Israelis are a lot closer to Iranians than any other Semites.

Historically, Israel has been a natural strategic ally of Iran. Both nations have common national interests and the very same enemies.

Iran has had a Jewish queen, besides numerous other past and current high officials, Israel has had an Iranian president.

An Iranian is mentioned and unconditionally praised as the patron and deliverer of the Jews some 22 times in the Old Testament.


Why would there be anything but warm feelings between the two people?



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not enough love

by مآمور on

so with me, 4 people have loved here so far!!this is too few people for love!! 

try some thing in this line ' Iran has attacked israel'(putting iran's name first makes even more provacative) then u see how many people come!!!

On the same note, now, Fred knows who r the only and real lovers here!!

I wear an Omega watch


Fred ♥ Fred

by Demo on



"The fool who persists in his folly will become wise." William Blake

The common denominator among Israelis & Iranians majorities: Love of Themselves to the Extreme.

Yesterday was Zionism's Heat: "Mama Earth" & "GOD is Tearing Us Apart"

Today is Orthodox Jews' Boiler Turn: "22 Quotes from Old Testament"

Question: Just exactly how many 'faces' are with this imposter 'Fred?'



by پندارنیک on

"Why would there be anything but warm feelings between the two people?"

Maybe for the price tag that our huggable(?) cousins have attached to their insatiable kindness(!)..........What else can spoil this 25-century-long honeymoon?...........Ceaseless calls by the Zionists for military attack on my homeland, about the sanctions which only hurts ordinary folks, and yes despite kosher wishful beliefs, it only hardens the regime even more.........their support for a terrorist cult.......their denial of our right to peaceful technologies.............holding the regional peace hostage by violating international laws, UN resolutions, etc.............really what else is there to hold an irooni back from hesaabi cheloondano maachidaneh ye zionist cousin?