Iran raping


by Fred

"We, the student basijis... warn Zionist regime leaders if they assault the Al-Aqsa mosque in any way we will destroy the tomb of these lowly murderers,"

The above is the punch line of the declaration by a local branch of the IRR’s Brownshirts, aka Basij which was reported by one of their news agencies.

What the Islamist Rapists are doing is wrong on number of levels and all to the detriment of Iran’s national interests. Here are just the most obviouse ones:

1-It opens the door for other nuts in other parts of the world to copycat and it also encourages retaliation in kind, all increasing the tension already at the breaking point.

2-Sooner or later the Islamist Rapist rule will be nothing but a bad memory. Destruction of the Iranian national cultural/religious treasures will inflict the kind of irreversible damage that Taliban did to Afghanistan by dynamiting the two great Buda statutes, which deprived that country of, if nothing else, a great source of tourist income.

3-Iranians did not just fall off the turnip truck; they have a proud history and civilization. These barbaric Islamist Rapists are hard at work assaulting that aspect of Iran which gives her the cultural/religious/historical international clout.

It is not that hard to imagine what these foaming at the mouth lovelies would do when they get their nuke. The sooner these Islamist Rapist barbarians are put out to pasture, the better it would be for Iran, Iranians and the world.



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by Escape on


gotta see-this is great


They would only be ruining their own history

by Escape on

Or is it really 'their's?????????

Very similiar to the Taliban

This is because Islam has no respect..


This is of the same Islamic fundemenatlist cultists

by mahmoudg on

who destroyed the Budha statues in Afganistan, remember?  They are no different, the Islamic Rapist regime in Iran, the Taliban in Afganistan, the Wahabi rulers of the Arabian penisula, the sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf, all are of the same cloth.  All are of the same worthless Islamic Cult.  Israel will be the only force, who can cleanse Iran of this filth and bring it back into civilization.  Al aghsa and any other mosque is not worth the ground that it was built on.  I'd rather preseve the Esther's tomb, or the persepolis anyday, than spend another dime on another mosque in Iran.

Sargord Pirouz

Israeli fundamentalists

by Sargord Pirouz on

Israeli fundamentalists issue these kind of threats all the time. They even have lawmakers that issue similar type threats. 

Do you consider these Israelis as a form of jewish Taliban?

Of course not because these folks at "Fred" are only here to foment anti-Iran sentiment among the self-exiled Iranians that frequent this site. Furthermore, these two posts a day from "Fred" appear to be that a Hasbara effort.