Iran’s best cultural product

by Fred

Mao, the lifetime leader of China, had his Little Red Book that every good Maoist always carried, most had memorized and quoted often.

Qaddafi, the lifetime leader of Libya, had his Green book, for a time required reading for all Libyans.

Safarmurad Niazov, the lifetime leader of Turkmenistan, had his Ruh-nameh, mandatory reading in schools, Universities and all government offices.

You get the idea, now it seems Khamenei, the lifetime leader, is heading down that literary road as well.

Naghdi, the Iraqi born commander of the Islamist Brownshirts, Basij:

“On a daily basis we must review the exalted words of the Guardian of the Muslims. Because He is on top of all the issues in this world and Hereafter, and explains the road to happiness to all of us, today, the Leader’s words are the best cultural product."

For now, lets call this “best cultural product”, Khamenei’s Black Book. It is the finishing touch on the speeded up cult of personality.   


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Fred: This is the

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Fred: This is the website:

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