Iran’s territorial integrity

by Fred

While vacationing in Hawaii, President Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act.

As part of the Act, there are measures to penalize foreign entities doing business with the Central Bank of the weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist regime in Iran bent on "managing the world."

Although the failure of Obama’s policy of courting the Islamist regime and turning his back to the Iranian people is beyond any political spin, he has been given a chance to redeem himself.

Tighten the sanctions screw, airtight it. Publicly guarantee Iran’s territorial integrity. Make regime change the official policy of the US. Openly help the overwhelmingly America admiring Iranians with material support to overthrow their Islamist tyrants, “reformers” and all.

History has proven the only way to deal with fascists is to standup to them and not negotiate. Before they impoe another war on them, this is the last chance Iranians have to overthrow the messianic warmongering Islamists, Obama, don't ruin it, again.  


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by مآمور on

integrity reminds me of integral, a mat function, which can be calculated using my omega watch. My watch can even calculate how much it would cost Obama to topple the regime in Iran.

here is the calculation

squre root of Bush, which is Romney plus 2 factorial of rick santroum divided by Bucnman, Mr Hossien will not have no chance to win the election if Ron Paul gets to be his rival........ damnn watch is making the wrong calculation. I will contact my contacts to fix the problem.

I wear an Omega watch


نام گذاری و فرضیات


" آیا ما حق نداریم شما و امثالهم را بی حیا نامیده و فرض نموده؟"

حق مسلم شما؛ همۀ شما، میباشد که نه تنها هرنامی که دلتان میخواهد برای هر  شخصی بگذارید؛ حق دارید هرآنچه که دلتان میخواهد "فرض" کنید؛ نامگذاری و فرضیات همیشه با واقعیات جور نمیباشد.


فرد، بی حیای ضد چپ؟

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

یک پرسش ساده از شما شد.
شما و امثالهم که چشم امید به سیاست " تغییر رژیم"   خارجیان دوخته اید،
این سیاست تا به حال هیچ نتیجه ای به جز استقرار و بر پایی  دو جمهوری
اسلامی (جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان ، و جمهوری اسلامی عراق ) در دو سوی ایران
نداشته  است.
بر چه مبنا و اصلی  فکر میکنید ادامه سیاست "تغییر رژیم" به نتیجه ای
متفاوت و به جز آنچه در افغانستان و عراق داشته، در ایران داشته باشد.
اگر کماکان از پاسخ بدین پرسش ساده طفره رفته و موضوع را صامت گزارده، آیا ما حق نداریم شما و امثالهم را بی حیا نامیده و فرض نموده؟ تبریک و تسلیت!


بفرما، دیدی چی‌ شد؟


حالا باز هم  برو به این چپول‌ها فحش بده..

میترسم آخر سر خودت بمونی و این آقا  حسین اوباما....



by Tavana on



The word "integrity" is foreign/non-existant in US policy toward ME countries. Period.

Obama ('Joke-oma') is the reminder of 'The Jackal Pretending to Be a Peacock' as narrated by Rumi.

In regard to the MG's thoughtful remark below, please read: "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker. A solid documentary book revealing 'US's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.'

Nothing But 'Tasliat!'


Mash Ghasem

US 'Regime Change" policy = Creation of Islamic Republics

by Mash Ghasem on

Dear Fred, since the US has created two Islamic Republics on either sides of Iran, based on your much loved "Regime Change " policy;

Islamic Republic of Iraq (2005), to the west, and

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (2002), to the east

What makes you, such a sophisticated thinker, belive they will do anything but to maintaine another Islamic Republic in the middle of the two they have  already created?

Do you see any resemblence between "Waiting for Godot," and your daily a.. kissing of the forigners to come and  'liberate" us? Keep waiting.

Tabrik o tasliat!




Sanctions alone won't work.

by Simorgh5555 on

Sanctions alone won't work. Military Action is a must. Obama must make regime change its policy.