Iran’s Year Zero

by Fred

Wikipedia: “The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up.

In Cambodia, teachers and intellectuals especially were singled out and executed as part of the above mentioned purge aspect of Year Zero.”

According to RFI, Fars news Agency reports: Head of the Institute for Research and Education Planning Hojat-ol-Islam Mohiyeddin Bahram Mohammadian has announced: “Monarchical dynasty has been eliminated from history textbooks”.

RFI points out the obvious fact that this move in essence deletes Iran’s entire history minus the past thirty years of the Islamic Republic.

Alongside other recent assaults on culture and academia, it seems the anticipated second Cultural Revolution within IRR, Islamist Rapist Republic, is well under way. Having witnessed the extent of inhumanity and savagery Islamist Rapists are capable of committing, is a Khmer Rouge style Islamist Year Zero that far-fetched?



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The Islamist accusers

by Fred on

The grandpa Islamist wedding photographer says:

To de-humanize people you want to eradicate so that perpetrators do not feel remorse, and give tacit approval? Fred knows better than most.”

For diehard supporters of the Islamist Rapist Republic whose Islamist brethrens routinely rape, torture and murder Iranian men, women and children to make such de-humanization accusation is rich.


Completely irrelevant and sensationlist as usual

by Q on

Fred is like a computer program that is designed to associate irrelevant-but-sensationalist words of all kinds with Iran. Until a few months ago the Israeli line was that Iran is Nazi Germany. Before that it was likened to Chinese communists, now Pol Pot.

And people are cheeleading this? Do people really not see what the game is here? To de-humanize people you want to eradicate so that perpetrators do not feel remorse, and give tacit approval? Fred knows better than most.

vaghean keh!

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

Thank yet again for another informative post. Your diligence is refreshing. I think the people of Iran have risen to the point that such “year zero” has absolutely no chance of happening. This stain of shame on Iranian history is on its last leg. Let’s hope that our future generation can erase this 30+ years of shame from the history books.   




by capt_ayhab on

Once you all turn to Fred for inspiration, ....... may God help us. If there is one



Nice Knowing You...

by Cost-of-Progress on

As long as we Iranains have our head up Islam's ass, we continue to loose our heritage which the fucking mullahs will gladly replace with their brand of Islam and instutionalized repression.

We have a long way to go and I am not sure everyone is up to it. In fact, I know most ARE NOT.

Nice knowing you my motherland.................





Student Protests at Khaje

by vildemose on

Student Protests at Khaje Nassir Uni Today

This is how the brave students at Khaje Nassir university showed their discontent against Ahmadinejad's former Guidance Minister today. They turned their backs against Safar Harandi and sang the student solidarity anthem for their colleagues who are imprisoned or have been banned from continuing with their education. Marvellous act of unity and solidarity with their comrades. With daily protests at Iran universities, despite severe repressive measures, Ahmadinejad's coup junta is fast running out of options as what to do with Iran's students.


I'm certain that the

by vildemose on

I'm certain that the hizballahi and Basiji are jumping for joy.

Darius Kadivar

Thanks Fred for the Info ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Not surprised. The IRR has been active with these Brainwashing methods for years.

No Wonder some even on this website seem to have Alzheimers or Pretend so ...

Thanks for the feedback as always,