Iranian warmongers

by Fred

All those who have been adamantly against any nuke in the irresponsible hands of the murderous messianic Islamists, have often been labeled by the opposing side, among other things, as “warmongers.”

However, as the Islamists get closer to their acquisition of weaponized nuke, their reckless disregard for the enforceable UNSC resolutions translates into goading the sane world to take military action.

Should there be a messianic Islamists’ wished for war, wouldn’t that make the supporters of their nuke program, at best, warmonger enablers?



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Iran 2050


by Iran 2050 on

amirparvizforsecularmonarchy,  actually I’m not a religious person, and I believe mixing religion and state is the root cause of most problems in human history, but that’s any religion, any by religion I don’t mean just the big 3 Abramic ones only, I mean Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and others.  I disagree with you. When you say “Islam” caused this and Islam caused that, you are talking about people who committed bad things in the name of Islam; Islam itself is not a “person” or “group of people”. Now, if you look at Iran’s pre Islamic history, you will see atrocities committed in the name of Zoroastrianism in way worse fashion. How about Anoushiravan killing 40,000 Mazdaki in the name of religion? What did early Christians suffer in Iran? Go read their history. Examples are everywhere. What was the difference between Arsedhir and Khomeini? NONE. Both took power in the name of religion and committed mass murders. As far as slavery, who had bigger and greater palaces, Iranians or Arabs? When you have palaces, who do you think works there? Are you saying the workers in Khosrow Parviz and Yazdgerd III palace were getting paid? I’ve never heard that claim anywhere before. Also, examples are everywhere.  


As far as Reza Shah and his son goes: his son was not too bad, he actually respected the Iranian people, to a LOW degree, that makes him different than most kings in Iranian history who treated Iranians, and in many cases others, as personal property. This tyranny has caused cultural and behavioral problems that are the cause of Iran’s ills.  


Iran 2050 don't agree with your analysis.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Your bias may come from being Muslim.

both Shia and Sunni are despotic, backwards and fundamentalist, I would argue Shia less so based on its history.

However the problem in Iran is the Corruption of the Religious authorities to the point that they want to control government as opposed to be separate from it. ie hezbollahi republic  not iranian republic.

During the corrupt Qajar period of Irans History, church managed everything from law, to school, to govt and economy.  So Our Ancestors saw how backward and painful Islam could be for a people.

Fortunately Reza Shah took power and separated religion from law, school, economy, etc etc and with his son rapidly modernized Iran.  Changes were not welcome by mullahs and commies who reacted against the country, and the result is what we have today.

Zoroasters period is a different subject, that was actually a culture of individualistic freedom.. not despotis or tyranny overall.  They made slavery Illegal and required payment for work, go to UN and you'll see the first declaration of human rights created by zoroastrian culture... that is very different to islam or christianity that allowed slavery.  Kolfats exist to this day in Hezbollah/Iran and AlQuaeda/Saudi/Arabia, but were not allowed during zoroasterian period of Irans history, payment had to be given.

Culture keeps changing anyway even during islamic period, which is very backwards and primitive as we all know.





Iran 2050

Fred, Agree with you

by Iran 2050 on


Agree with you aziz, as always.

However, it is not accurate to call these people "Islamists", they are fundamentalist shites, and shite is by far more Zaroastrian than Islamic.

We have cultural problems that has nothing to do with Islam. It's a long tradition of tyranny.


Fred I'd change the title of your post from Iranian Warmongers

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

to Hezbollah Warmongers, since they don't represent the Iranian people or Culture.

Something that may be very confusing to an outsider is that this Regime is not really Iranian, especially since every day you read an article you read islamic republic of Iran.

They are a minority of fundamentalists that came to power with cia money and p.l.o. training on the backs of a deceived people that were sold a lie about human rights by jimmy Carter, Iranians do not want them, they just can't remove them due to neo-colonialist forces that brought them to power.

It is very important to get your definitions right, yes they are warmongers, no they are not Iranian, they changed the flag of Iran, the laws of the land and govt and the people do not support them, they are a minority government reflecting hezbollah not iran.

And it is their Hezbollahness that makes them acquiring nukes so terrifying, when Iran was Iran, no one cared about Iran going nuclear, all countries were happy to sell Iran the power stations.  It is because they are not Iranian, but Hezbollah radicals that the world opposes them.



Thank you Fred for focusing and raising awareness...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

On Islamist regime's illegal, dangerous nuclear weapons programme.

The  objective of this programme is prolongation of the islamist regime rule and assistance and help to extreme islamist terrorist elements worldwide. The cost of this programme to us Iranians has been threats of war, sanction and international isolation. The financial cost has been astronomic.

This programme should be stopped immediately. After the islamist regime is gone, we, the Iranian people will aquire nuclear energy for peaceful purposes with full co operation of the international community, at much lower cost, both political and financial. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Artificial Intelligence

Good Blog Fred!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Unfortunatley, some desperate Iranians, along with some radical leftists/Islamists  justify IRI's dangerous nuke game by making the excuse that it is "an Iranian" national right that the IRI is defending. So in their mind they make this phony separation between the Iranian state (IRI being its representative) and the bad things that IRI does to the people internally. They bypass internall IRI crimes in the name of protecting "Iranian Interest" externally. This is pure BS and ugliness at its best. The IRI could care less about anything "Iranian". IRI thugs have never protected Iranian (our) national interest. They have always protected their Islamist interest which is against everything that is Iranian/Persian.

IRI is not a valid entity. It was not chosen by Iranian's free will. It does not and can not represent our national interest. The nuke program is dangerous and should not be in their hands as a bargaining tool for any reaon whatsoever. Period.  


surgical attacks

by ComraidsConcubine on

 Yuaaaaap! Such a fantastic idea! Why didn't I think of targeting nuclear facilities bang in the middle of cities?

Better still, why not just use my scissors and cut them out of the map with an anaesthetic? I'll discuss it with my pixies later; one of them, a great fan of Rocky, got an A in his maths O-level. 

I'm getting so excited. Let's explode a few oil refineries to celebrate; I love the perfume of burning human flesh.


label me a warmonger

by mahmoudg on

so be it.  I support surgical attacks on this Rapist Islamic Regime.  The consequences of inaction is 3 million Iranians dead and the consequences of action ala US/allied surgical attacks is 200 K dead (all of whom basij and brainwashed would be bomb strapping terrorists).  So the math is very simple.  JUST DO IT.  Almost 90% of the Iranian population is tired of this regime and a very high percentages of them would want and welcome the change, when combined by precision surgical attacks.  If this labels me as a wrmonger, then i am proud to be it, because in the end, it saves lives.



by پندارنیک on

Any military action against IRI, will only strengthen it; that's why it's somehow even welcomed by some factions of the regime.

Any change, if it's meant to be effective, genuine and people-oriented, has to come from within. And again,

There is no evidence that our ( yes, our ) nuclear program is for the military purposes. It's our national right and totally legal.


Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

same picture (persia)