Iranian “Zionists/neocons”


by Fred

For some it is a touchy subject near and dear to their hearts.

The subject is the occupation of a land.

The subject is the subjugation of indigenous people living on that land.

The subject is the rape and pillage of defenseless men, women and children of that land.

The subject is the systematic assault on the culture and the very fabric which holds those enslaved people together in that land.

Two of the most used canned responses are:

How would you know what people think, you don’t live there. And, you sound like a “Zionist/neocon” with ulterior motive; ergo your point of view is invalid.

But, fact is fact. One can deny it, ridicule it or even dismiss it out of hand; however, it makes not an iota of a difference to the fact.

The fact is “in the Middle East, there is one occupied land, one occupied country and that is Iran. Iran and the Iranian people have been taken hostage by a regime which has no interest in the Iranian culture. ”

The question is no longer wasting time and irreplaceable Iranian lives talking about the merits of the ridicules proposition of “reforming” the unreformable IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and expecting that “reform” nonsense to be effectuated by the lifetime career Islamists with Iranian blood on their hands.

The question is regime change. The question is what would be the least harmful to the beleaguered Iranians. If not sanctions a la South Africa, then what, continuation of the brutal occupation and the very real probability of a devastating war?  

I know as they have done so on many occasions in the past, the usual Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies might pounce. But, instead of the kneejerk reaction, they should listen carefully and see who is saying it.

The above highlighted quote is from Arash Sobhani of the popular Kiosk band who is born and raised in the occupied Iran. Is he a “Zionist/neocon “too?

If so, their number is growing by leaps and bounds in the occupied Iran.



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Dirty Angel

I wish I were a fluffy cute poodle

by Dirty Angel on

It isn't true that the country is "occupied" as such. Like it or not, the country, has sprung out of a particular religious and agragrian  tradition and only been under a different heavily "oily "dictatorial tyranny for more than sixty years. or so... Any change towards some form of "democracy", has to take this into account. It's in the psyche. Even if there is another revolt because of unfair economic conditions....

The country and its people have a dignity deficit. 


Question is, for some, if the current regime would stop violating Human Rights, would you or I defend its sovereignty to the last cell of blood?

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"


proudiran: who is saying

by vildemose on

proudiran: who is saying "NUKE IRAN", on IC???

Bhai are saying it?

The Jewish-Iranians are saying it?

Who are the neocons on IC?

Who are the zionists on IC?



Being against anti-Iran Propaganda is not "Bigotry"

by ProudIran on

Being against treason is not "bigotry."  The fact remains that certain members of the Iranian community advocate war against Iran (stating things like "Nuke Iran").  

By law treason is punishable by death everywhere:

Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as, "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, makewar against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]."

 Based on actions I personally have seen by members of the Bahai community and pro-Zionist Iranians I would not hesitate for one second in personally handing down a verdict of treason.  

Those people need to understand that it does not matter what form of government Iran has - if you wage war against Iran, you will suffer the legal penalty regardless of who is in power.

(Note: the US had not qualms executing Julius & Ethel Rosenberg for treason - you shouldn't expect a different outcome in Iran if you advocate war against Iran.)  


proudiran: So you think

by vildemose on

proudiran: So you think there is nothing wrong with the IRI??

You sound like you hate all other groups except the Khomeinist version of "Iranians".

Isn't that what all bigots feel including the zionists you abhor??


Arash's missing notes

by comrade on


"in the Middle East, there are two occupied lands, two occupied countries and..." 



Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


The Anti-Fred

those polls

by The Anti-Fred on

were conducted by respected Western polling outfits from the US and Canada using Farsi speakers. And before you say people in Iran were afraid to say what they really meant, you should read over their negative responses to polling questions concerning the government's handling of the economy. No fear there.

But the vast majority stood up for their form of governance and most policies such as the nuclear program and support against Zionist intolerance. 


Correct Delilah


I stand corrected.


The Anti-Fred, the poll is BS.



No, Moosir,

by DelilahNY on

You wouldn't've said there was ONE occupied country in the Middle East and that was Iran. You would've said there was AN occupied country and that was Iran.

You wouldn't've happened to have translated that from Persian yourself, would you have, Fred? Because if I'm not mistaken, there are two ways of translating the word 'yek'. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The Anti-Fred

Well sure, those kiosk boys are offspring of exiles...

by The Anti-Fred on

What do you expect?

If you want to know the public opinions of Iranians inside Iran, here you go:


And if you want to know how they feel about about Zionism, Hezbollah and Hamas, reads this:


Pretty inconvenient stuff for the self-exiled set, I know. But like the people of "Fred" are fond of saying: facts is facts.


I dont see Arash Sobhani calling for airtight sanctions/war


You on the other hand do, neocon war advocate Fred. And you do it almost every day on In fact, the above highlighted quote could have come from me!  time and time again I have said on this site that Iranians are taken hostage by a regime that cares not for Iran and Iranians.


the quote and your question... ps...

by DelilahNY on

The above highlighted quote is from Arash Sobhani of the popular Kiosk band who is born and raised in the occupied Iran. Is he a “Zionist/neocon “too?

Well, I don't know and I don't think so, but he was either on drugs when he wrote it or he's an idiot. Because obviously there's at least one other, and it's occupied by the people whose name begins with Z.

I'm afraid to push the submit button on this. I keep going back and reading and rereading that retarded statement and thinking I must be reading wrong.

Thank you, Fredster B- team (just kidding) for bringing to people's attention that just because someone may be a brililiant artist, that that doesn't mean they're not a j. a-s, either chronically or intemrittently. Afarin.


ps Unless you took that quote out of context. You didn't do that, did you, Fred?


Well done, Fred

by Simorgh5555 on

When it comes to attacking these Islamist and their Left wing poodles , you are kick-ass!