Iranians are suckers

by Fred

AFP reports from Tehran:

“Although the ruling clerics and hard-line politicians have been waging a campaign against what they call "decadent" cultural imports, the Christian day dedicated to amorous displays has so far survived.

With many of them unmarried, and with bars, clubs and mixed parties all banned under the country's strict laws, Valentine's Day is increasingly seen as a tolerated courting opportunity -- one whose commercial side is much appreciated by Iranian retailers.

Nationalistic Iranians prefer to celebrate their love on Mehregan, a pre-Islamic and little-observed festival in October that honor’s Mithra, the ancient Persian goddess of love.”

Those who know Iran, her culture and particularly the mostly love-based rich literature, know the barbarism of the current warmongering messianic weaponized nuke acquiring Muslim rulers are not representative of national psyche.

Mehregan, Valentine or whatever, does not matter; from time immemorial, Iranians have been suckers for love.


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