Iran's first lady in NY

by Fred
In his speech to the UN General Assembly on September 25, the president of East Timor, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta, said:

"What President Ahmadinejad said in this forum in regard to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center was an obscenity. He went too far as he has done many times before in this assembly and in other fora, as when he questioned the facts of the Holocaust."

That is too bad,President Ramos-Horta has got it all wrong.  Insted of being so negative, he should have done what "100 leaders and representatives of anti-war, labor, alternative media and Iranian and Palestinian solidarity organizations" did. The peaceniks attended a meeting hosted by "president" Ahmadinejad and his better half, Azam al-Sadat Farahi.

Sarah Martin of  Freedom Road Socialist Organization said of the meeting: “Speaking with Mrs. Ahmadinejad and hearing the president reinforced the importance of struggling against the U.S. campaign to isolate and demonize Iran,”

Margaret Sarfehjooy,  the co-chair of the Women Against Military Madness Middle East Committee, reported : “I think the meeting was important because we had the opportunity to meet with so many dedicated grassroots activists from all over the country and share our hopes for peace and justice with the Iranian people through their president and his wife.”

US progressives meet with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad/

East Timor Leader Accuses Ahmadinejad of Speaking Obscenities


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gary sick on Ahmadinejad lies

by vildemose on

Asking him tough questions is pointless. When he can’t turn the question around, when he can’t slip around it to score a point, he simply lies. Over and over and over. The website Tehran Bureau (in association with PBS Frontline) assembled a list of the most egregious recent examples:

 ”No newspaper in Iran has bee... >>>

Sargord Pirouz

Wow. For the first time I

by Sargord Pirouz on

Wow. For the first time I actually learned something from this effort. (1 out of roughly 900 posts!)

Thanks for highlighting the advocacy of peace and justice in US-Iran relations by American progressives. Count me as one among the advocates.

Thanks again.