Iran's Rosa Parks

by Fred

If pictures speak a thousand words, hundreds upon hundreds of video clips speak of trillions of words. It is undeniable; The Islamist republic of Iran is in trouble, deep trouble at that. And the kicker is the misogynist par excellence Islamist republic is being challenged not just by ordinary men but by women as well, you know the ones who are half the men, the ones who have been the special target of Islamists’ venom for the past thirty years.

There are those in the West who are somewhat surprised of the active, at times leading role the Iranian women play in the current gathering storm. If only they knew the role of women in the history of Persia, or given a slight chance their potential to achieve the unimaginable, they would have not been surprised at all.

There is no need to go back to antiquity, although there are plenty of examples there too, or go back hundreds of years to Safarid dynasty, just take a look at the crucial role the woman of Persia have played in the long march to achieve freedom for all of Iran in the past century. 

Women of Tabriz and elsewhere took up arms and eventually defeated the almighty forces of the tyranny. Iranian women have always, always been at the heart of social/political movements of Iran. For love of God, given the freedom in the West, a self made immigrant Iranian woman went to space. 

And now, seeing them in all their elegant Persian uniqueness standing up to Islamist cutthroats eyeball to eyeball, even at time shielding them from the vengeance of the angry crowds, one knows the days of the Islamists oppressing Iran is numbered. What Iranian men have individually known, and most have denied it openly, whoever crosses an Iranian woman has dug his own grave. The Islamist republic has crossed Iranian women for the past thirty years, world; meet millions-strong Iranian Rosa Parks.


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I hate liberal women

by jeannette (not verified) on

I hate liberal women they take too many things for granted and they don't protect all women. Today I heard of a terrible story of Iranian woman Neda Soltan who was gun down because she asked where her vote was.

Were are the Liberal Women for her.

People need too and especially be like Media Benjamin of Code Pink should ignore that dopey minded broad. She has a few screws loose and she is like Obama niave and stupid

Just because Obama speaks elquent doesn't me I be lieve everyword he says. Its will you eat his shit too.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Good Points

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

You eloquently developed once more delicate points; not to forget the irritating abuse of female Persian names by IRI supporters on this site.


I nominate: Setareh Sabety

by Anonymous parisienne (not verified) on

I think she deserves to be called Iran's Rosa Parks. She single-handedly has refused to move an inch when the Islamic fanatics threatened to arrest her for disbeying their laws. Instead she has moved, five thousand miles to this dreadful and horrible place called Nice in southern France and from there she has continued her relentless campaign against the Islamic regime. Even Mediterranean beauty of the area has not stopped her from forgetting her abondoned countrymen and she still sheds daily tears for her lost children from that horrible of places she has confined herself in called, ironically, Nice.

Ms Sabety: You are a massive wieght in the remote campaign and we the useless parisienne applaud you, the useful Nicean.