Irrational rationals


by Fred

The question which is being posed more often than before nowadays is what if IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic gets to have a few nukes?

Although the question is old the reasoning in answers given have always been based on two sets of presuppositions. One the Islamist Rapists are either logical or not, and two, once they acquire nuke they are containable or not.  

The containment policy which after the utter failure of the sane world’s tepid attempts at stopping IRR’s weaponized nuke program seems to be in vogue once again argues thusly:

A- The Islamists are rational, thus not suicidal; therefore they know a nuke attack initiated by them would mean the end of them.

B- The Soviet Union was contained, therefore IRR can be contained. Ergo nuke in the hands of the Islamists problematic, yes, an existential threat, may be, containable, definitely.

The flip side of the containment policy which some with Islamist affinity and or lefty affliction love to label as the warmonger policy sizes up the situation thusly:

A-The Islamist Rapists are not rational. Forget about all their dogma based irrationalities, for opposing their rule some of the big honchos in the ruling messianic Islamist cabal with announced mission to rule the world have had their own children murdered; rational people don’t kill their own children.

B- Comparing Soviet Union to IRR is akin to comparing watermelon to rabies, one has absolutely no relation to the other ergo imagining a successful policy towards one would bear the same result towards the other is at best foolish.   

There is still a sliver of a chance to head off a devastating war the Islamist Rapists are intent on imposing on Iran, Iranians and the region.

Before it is too late the sane world has to impose airtight sanctions and openly help the fed up Iranian people with moral and material support to overthrow their Islamist inquisitors in the process rid the world of a clear and present danger. Time for pussyfooting is over.  




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