IRR's last chance


by Fred

During yesterday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, its chairman Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd, said:

"I am committed to ensuring that this Congress equips President Obama with all the tools he needs to confront the threats posed by Iran,”

The draft bill would expand existing legislation to cover financial institutions and businesses, and extend sanctions to oil and gas pipelines; boost moves to freeze the assets of Iranians accused of weapons proliferation and tighten export controls to halt the export of sensitive technology.

Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg who was one of three witnesses said:

"The Russians seem to be more open to additional sanctions," and "You're seeing a coming together of countries around the world to recognize that this is Iran's last opportunity and if they fail to take it there is a greater openness to this. I myself was in Beijing last week to discuss this with very senior Chinese leadership to make clear that we view this as critical and a core interest of ours that's important to our relationship with China.”

And Stuart Levey, the under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury Department, the administration’s point man in curbing IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, worldwide terrorist financing and activities said:

"The world is now united in looking to Iran for a response. If Iran does not live up to its obligations in this process, it alone will bear the responsibility for that outcome” and “Under these circumstances, the United States would be obliged to turn to strengthened sanctions,"

The above in conjunction with what the Defense Secretary Gates strongly hinted at the other day about other IRR nuke sites known to the sane world and yet not declared by the Islamist Rapists makes for a showdown of sort by the end of this current month. Either the IRR comes squeaky clean on its vast illegal dual purpose full cycle nuke program or it will begin to face sanctions that have some bite to them.

Should the IRR not come clean, which given the nature of the Islamist caliphate would not surprise any realist, then the sane world in place of ratcheting up the sanction regime which uselessly only prolongs the agony of enslaved Iranians has to impose an airtight one. To avert a devastating war so desired by the IRR which can quickly spread far and wide, the sane world lead by U.S. has to impose airtight sanctions and at the same time openly help enslaved Iranians with moral and material support to overthrow this world order threatening Islamist menace.




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ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

show the world all
those WMD that you did NOT find in Iraq...

Are you claiming Saddam never had WMD? Seriously? An odd assertion for an Iranian to be making, in my opinion.

...then we might give a rats
behind about the danger Iran's NON EXISTENCE nukes are posing to the

Well, first off, *I* am very concerned about the Islamic Republic possibly having access to nuclear weapons, and *you* have no right to speak for me.

Secondly, is the IRI as trustworthy with nuclear weapons as Saddam was with chemical weapons? Please answer that, since you are teh one who mentioned Iraq and WMD numerous times in your comment. A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice :)


Fred, now you can add being a "molla loghati" to your other...

by Ostaad on

"skills", beside being the amen corner choir boy, and volunteer AIPAC tea-and-crumpets server.

At a boy. 


The "we" dilemma

by Fred on

“then we might give a rats behind about the danger Iran's NON EXISTENCE (sic) nukes are posing to the world.”

 The “we” should first figure out the definition of “we” and once realizing using plural pronoun in place of singular one denotes something is wrong somewhere within, then and only then perhaps the “we” can concentrate and make comments on other matters more accurately.



by capt_ayhab on

I suggest that you folks in AIPAC and the war party, show the world all those WMD that you did NOT find in Iraq, which caused death of 100 of thousands of innocent women and children, then we might give a rats behind about the danger Iran's NON EXISTENCE nukes are posing to the world.

Take a little break from lying, and your blood thirsty war mongering.



Fred, if you take you eyes off the AIPAC-donated sheet music...

by Ostaad on

for a couple of seconds and stop your repetitive jafang-dafang for a moment, you'll notice the same Wired article ends this way:

"It’s also worth noting yet another interpretation: Gates might be
bluffing and there might not be more undeclared sites.  Maybe we’ll
learn more, as talks with Iran progress — and more international atomic
inspectors are allowed to sniff around Iran’s nuclear sites."


I have to give it you Fred, it's so kind of you to keep asking for "airtight sanctions" instead of the "crippling sanctions" that your like-minded Iran enemies would rather have imposed on the Iranian people.

You're a gem and a true chum.