Isa Saharkhiz


by Fred

For thirty some odd years the “judiciary” in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has been handing out ridiculously harsh sentences for “crimes” which in any civilized system is not even a misdemeanor.

I’m not going to get into the barbarism of the Islamist Rapists and their stoning for “adultery”, limb chopping for “theft” and eye gouging for in-kind “retribution”.  What I like to point out is the legalized practice of harshly punishing Iranians should they verbalized their less-politically correct opinions. Case in point is that of Isa Saharkhiz.

He of course is a lifelong Islamist, albeit somewhat moderate of the species, held high position in the system and eventually become disillusioned with it.

Opinionated he is, and chicken he is not.  So if because of international publicity they can’t murder them outright, the solution the Islamist Rapists have for such people is simple, ban them a la Apartheid South Africa.

“Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court handed down the maximum sentence under the Islamic Penal Code for insulting the leadership and propaganda against the regime (2 years and 1 year respectively).  In addition, Saharkhiz was banned for 5 years from any political activities or involvement with the press and will not be able to leave the country for a period of 1 year.”

Kudos to Isa and eternal shame on his former Islamist Rapist comrades who are only digging the hole deeper which makes it less possible to climb out.  This shall not stand.   



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Kudos to Isa and the rest of freedom fighters in evin


And eternal shame on the regime... and closet war advocates on who hide behind human rights to push their war agenda.