Islamist chutzpah


by Fred

The anniversary of the Revolution in Iran is around the corner. An historical turning point not only for Iran and Iranians, it has also proven to be one for the entire world.

A grassroots Iranian revolution seeking freedom, justice and independence which after being hijacked by the Islamist Rapists it has not only achieving none and lost that there was to begin with, it has unleashed Islamist barbarism far and wide.

It has become customary for the past and present officials of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, to hone their public lying skills during this anniversary period.

Take for example charlatan Khatami, the former two-term IRR “reformist president”. Here is a snippet of what he just told members of the “reformist front” which belongs to the Islamist Rapist faction which lost the turf war and is now strategizing to get back into the lucrative business of ruling over Iran and Iranians.

The charlatan told them:

“…As Imam [meaning uber-misogynist mass murderer Khomeini who infamously said “economics is for donkeys”] took very brave positions on women, culture, art and economic issues and resolved [these] deadlocks and then departed  ….Imam took these position from an Islamic stand and people saw it as well.

The Islam which Imam talks [sic] about is an Islam which without taking opportunities away from others, it can fulfill spirituality and earthly demands of the people.”

After all the documented atrocities in IRR, after all the mass murders, rapes, maiming, hangings and looting of Iran and Iranians, it takes an Islamist to have the chutzpah to publicly  deliver bold faced lies that this charlatan delivers.  

And these people who can lie so shamelessly and effortlessly are asking the sane world to believe them when they say their nuke is for “peaceful purposes” only.

Aside the usual Islamists/anti-Semites and their lap poodle of likeminded lefty allies, not that many others trust nuke in the hands of these Islamist Rapist barbarians.




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They're Proud to be Chutzpah!

by HHH on

As none-conformists to the style of monarchs IRI's pride in this accomplishment shows in just about every speech they make. They believe it takes guts to be a jackass & rebel against half of the world.

Call it "Ghoroore Joftak-andazi."

No one worth mentioning is fooled by Khatami or Musavi or Rafsanjani. We all know them very well and "Reformed" to us only means "Reformed Way Too late."

We know who elected Khamenehi to the Leadership position, who ordered killings and who did what in their prisons. The list is long and ready. That's why IRI will kill before they leave, because they know their future. They know their names are on the list.

O, by the way, if Israeli criminals can have nukes, IRI can too. They both committed dirtiest of crimes, and they both know they can't use nukes without heavy retaliation.


לא זרים מותר

by comrade on

Bahman, 22 is the anniversary of one of the biggest revolutions in history. This is a fact which can not, and should not be distorted by those who have always helplessly apposed its inevitable occurrence. What followed the initial phase of the Big Revolution is, as it should be, the subject of  ongoing debates, and actions among Iranians (no foreigners allowed) to this date and years to come, one way or another.

Dear Fred's main concern (and let's stop kidding ourselves, it's his/her only concern) is Iran's lawful nuclear technology which is our pride-worthy national property totally independent from the regime, and a bomb which does not exist.

Happy anniversary, dear Fred. Please enjoy every second of it.   


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